Clearly, a drive-in haunted house isn’t the best of solutions with the recent surge of novel coronavirus cases in Japan. In light of this, the same team that pioneered the drive-in haunted house decided that perhaps delivery is the way to go.

Kowagarasetai Haunted House Delivery

Wait, what? Deliver what? Well, delivering scare, obviously. Instead of you hitting up a haunted house, be it in a car or whatnot, Kowagarasetai wants to bring the scare to you.

Kowagarasetai is starting Japan’s first “delivery haunted house” with “ambulance-type haunted house” aka screaming ambulance at select wards in Tokyo this Summer.

Kowagarasetai Haunted House Delivery

Scare enthusiasts living in Tokyo can make their reservation online and a dilapidated ambulance or scream-bulance will arrive at their location on the designated date and time to scare the shit out of them.

The ambulance features a 3D sound recording for added realism. Rest assure that, in the process of you getting scare shit-less in the tiny space of horror, a strict non-contact protocol will be adhered.

Kowagarasetai Haunted House Delivery

The new scare service will commence on July 1 and available to 23 wards in Tokyo.

Kowagarasetai is already taking reservation. The mobile haunted house price starts at 9,000 yen (about US$83) per group. The price may varies depending on your location. Advanced payment is required.

Kowagarasetai Haunted House Delivery

Images: Kowagarasetai [JP].

via Luxury Launches.

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