Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue

How to distinguish between casual collectors and serious collectors? A casual collector will probably not pay top dollars for a collectibles while a serious collector of, say, Ultraman, will not hesitate to drop US$609 equivalent for an Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue by G3 you see here.

Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue

Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue should be quite sought after because, it is super detailed, plus it has “limited distribution.” Sculpted by sculptor Keiki Fujimoto, this fine example is pre-painted and cast in resin.

As you can probably tell from the images, it is highly detailed right down to the folds of the suit where they are supposed to have. It is a sculpture, so there’s no posability to talk about. Instead, you will get a fixed pose giant superhero of alien origin saving a Science Patrol aircraft yet again.

The figure comes with a diorama based that, despite rather sparse, is fairly detailed with soil and a bunker of sort. Ultraman branding in Japanese decorates the face of the the diorama base.

Last but not least, this 40 centimeter (15.8 inches) tall figure also boasts LED light up eyes and color timer (batteries not included).

Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue by G3 is currently open for pre-order in Japan for 65,000 yen (tax included), with shipping expected to happen sometime in late December 2020.

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If you want one, perhaps you can look to the various Buy For Me services. I understand there is at least one listing on eBay, but I suggest you NOT look at that because, the asking price is absolutely outrageous.

Images: AmiAmi [JP].