How do you decide between wearing flip-flop and shoe? Probably flip-flop for freedom and shoe if you need protection, or for walking that extra mile. What if there’s a pair of footwear that does both? Meaning it has the convenience offered by flip-flop but also has the protection of a shoe? Well, believe it or not, such shoe does exists, and it is called Link Flip-Shoe. And it feels totally like future fashion, or at least it is with respect to footwear.

Link-Shoe is sole-based shoe created with an innovative shoe patent that hugs your feet snugly and securely. You can wear Link-Shoe to work, to shopping to skateboarding and even to the pool. Link-Shoe features a ventilated design like flip-flop while offering support of shoes, namely, arch support, and protection to your toes from, you know, being smashed.

Link Flip-Shoe Flip-Flop Shoe Hybrid

Furthermore, Link-Shoe also touts EVA cushioning material with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties, and a wear resistance and grippy outsole. More interestingly, it is also the first ever shoe to provide a true division to parts that mimic foot joints, thus making walking in Link-Shoe natural. Finally, it has a hard TPU midsole to enable a custom foot grip.

With such a future-forward, avant-garde proposition, I am frankly surprised that its Indiegogo fixed goal campaign hasn’t garner more traction. Speaking of which, if you want a pair, you pre-order it on Indiegogo for $69-79. The campaign has already met its $12,500 funding goal and so, Link Flip-Shoe is a go. If all goes as planned, you should be seeing this unique footwear sometime in November 2019. Continue reading to catch the campaign pitch video to learn more.

All images courtesy of Link Shoes.

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