Here’s A Gorgeous Pepper Potts In Rescue Suit Figure That Does Not Cost An Arm Or A Leg

If you have a thing for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts in Rescue Suit as briefly seen in Avengers: Endgame, but can’t bear to part with $400 for the Hot Toys figure, Iron Studios may just have an alternative for you.

Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Shirtless’ Pose In Jurassic Park Immortalized In Statue

Jeff Goldblum is a familiar face in Hollywood. For many, he is best remembered for his role in the original Jurassic Park franchise. Mostly because of the scene where he was almost shirtless and resting on a rug or something like minutes after attached by a T-Rex. For me, I always remember Goldblum as the […]

Creator Of Evangelion Visited The Largest EVO-01 Unit In Shanghai

Unveiled last year was the largest statue of the Evangelion Unit-01, located in Shanghai. More than a year on after it was unveiled and also bagging Guinness World Records as the largest Evangelion (yes, there is such a record!), the creator of the cult alien-fighting mecha anime, Hideaki Anno, finally made a visit to check […]

Wow. This Life-size Motorized Iron Man Suit Opens Up Like The Real Thing!

You know what’s the craziest thing we see this week? Nope. Not the 2016 Presidential Election. This. A video of a life-size Iron Man Mark 43 suit that opens up in a way like it did in the movie. Seriously, it does that and apparently, this is a real-deal and not some CGI bullshit used […]

Hyperrealistic Wonder Woman Statue Has Incredible Life-like Skin With Veins!

While others claim that this beautiful Wonder Woman Polystone Statue by Prime 1 Studio sold by Sideshow Collectibles looks like actress Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice (which this statue is modelled after, btw), we beg to differ, or at least, I beg to differ. However, that does not mean this […]

You Can Buy This 6.5 Feet Tall Evangelion Statue From Japan’s 7-Eleven

we wouldn’t say Neon Genesis Evangelion was a smash when it first hit the tube, but there is no denying that there are fans out there. just how big are you are a fan of this gloomy, apocalyptic sci-fi anime that would warrant you to drop 1.836 million Yen (or about US$17,978) for a limited […]

The Lord Of The Rings: Life-size Gollum Statue

no offense to the poor Gollum, but that creature is one heck an ugly bitch. despite that, it turns out to be the most lovable character throughout the big screen trilogy. well, at least he is way lovable than the other two ring-obsessed Hobbit characters, namely Bilbo and the forever-staring-into-space, hopeless emo dude, Frodo.

Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Statue

Pacific Rim may not be a sellout in its home turf, but with some 400 millions in worldwide box office taking thus far, some parts of the movie certainly deserve to be immortalized like what Iron Man has been doted with all this while. speaking of immortalizing, what could be more awesome than having the stars of the show, specifically the nuclear-powered massive robot Gipsy Danger,