Swarovski Crystals Introduced Marvel Collection, Includes A US$23K Crystal-covered Spider-Man

What are the odds that a super fan of Marvel and/or Star Wars is also huge on crystals, specifically synthetic glass crystals? I’d say the odds are pretty slim but here’s the thing about Swarovski’s Marvel and Star Wars collection: they are so cool that they will be objects of desire even if you are …

Prime 1 Studio Cutie1 XL Evangelion Statue: Cutie1 Eva Test Type-01 Gets Blown Up

Remember the Cutie1 Eva collectible statue that has the stuffed toy look? Well, this one may look like the 13 cm (5.1 inches) adorable Eva Unit-01 but it is far from small. This little big guy, dubbed Prime 1 Studio Cutie1 XL Evangelion Test Type-01 Statue, is toddler height at 83 cm (33 inches). I …

XM Studios Transformers G1 Galvatron 10th Scale Statue Is Available For Pre-order Now

I know right. Hasbro Transformers can be a bit of child’s play and sometimes even Masterpiece won’t cut it. So if you want an accurate representation of the bot, a statue is the way to go. And if Galvatron is your thing (not the blasphemous Bay-verse version), Singapore-based collectible statue maker XM Studios has just …

Bumblebee Joins Optimus Prime And Megatron As A Sassy Anime Figure

Fans of Transformers probably already see this coming. One of the most beloved G1 Transformers characters is joining the Kotobukiya BISHOUJO series of vinyl figures. The Kotobukiya BISHOUJO Transformers Bumblebee Vinyl Figure is the third in the series after Kotobukiya BISHOUJO Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron vinyl figures from last year.

Queens Studios’ Line Of Hyper-Real Collectible Statues Will Blow Your Mind

Queens Studios, the maker of some of the most realistic pop culture collectibles such as the Alita 1:1 statue that impressed James Cameron too, has recently thrown a series of events for its US and Asia’s largest pop culture collectors. In these events, Queens Studios showed off limited edition hyper-real collectibles, including life-size busts of …

Kurt Cobain 1/4 Scale Statue By Blitzway Is A Must-have For Super Fans Of Nirvana

It has been 28 years since the tragic passing of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. Cobain was perhaps the most influential and charismatic musician from the early 90s. I am sure fans of Kurt Cobain have many ways of remembering him. Now, Blitzway is giving Nirvana and Cobain’s fans another way to remember this alternative rock legend …

Japanese Sculptor Interpretation Of H.P. Lovecraft “Cthulhu” Is So Dark Yet So Cool

When American writer H.P Lovecraft created the Cthulhu, it only had a sketch to show what the cosmic entity really looked like. That’s in 2D. Now, Japanese 3D sculptor, Mr. Keisuke Yoneyama, has turned it into a three-dimensional statue based on the sketch drawn by the author.

The Pain Of Separation Is Perfectly Expressed In The Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture By Matt Bailey (NSFW)

What you see here is the Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture by Matt Bailey presented by Mighty Jaxx. The image of flesh and skeleton separating expresses the pain of separation between lovers due to death, or because of an end of a relationship.

If You Appreciate The Art Of Tattoos, You Will Love This Polystone Statue

This is a unique statue born out of a collaboration between tattoo artist Jon-Paul Kaiser (JPK) and toymaker Mighty Jaxx. The Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK, as it is called, is designed and sculpted by Mighty Jaxx while JPK penned the tattoos found across her body.