Battle Axe-wielding Kong Joins Godzilla In Shonen Ric Toho Daikaiju Series

If you already had the Toho Daikaiju series’ Godzilla, a Gojira figure based on the last year’s most anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong movie from Shonen Ric, on order, then you may not want to miss out on the other star of the movie: King Kong.

Queen Studios Iron Spider Life-size Statue Is Not Quite Tom Holland’s Height, Is It?

Super fan of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with pockets as deep as the blackhole may want to know there is a new collectible based on the Iron Spider suit as seen in the Avengers: Infinity War from pop culture statue maker, Queen Studios.

Shonen Ric Limited Edition Big Monster Series Ultraman (Shin Ultraman)

It is official. The Shin Ultraman will be released on May 13, 2022. Celebrating this awesome news, Shonen Ric Japan has announced that Shin Ultraman will be joining its big monster series as a limited edition, fixed posed vinyl figure.

Godzilla From Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Statue: It’s Screen-accurate, But Not Posable

Superfans of Godzilla who prefer a more accurate representation of the radioactive reptilian monster from the movie Godzilla vs. Kong over the toy version, Shonen Ric has just the collectible for you.

Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue: Perfect For Starting Your Own Scale Museum Of Natural History

Build your own Museum of Natural History right in your humble abode without the need for a warehouse-size space with the Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue.

Godzilla 2000: Millennium Maquette: Only 500 Pieces Worldwide Through Lottery Sale

Very, very serious devotees of Godzilla will definitely go head-over-heels over the Godzilla 2000: Millennium Maquette Replica. This particular collectible statue is, as the product name suggests, is based on Gojira’s appearance in 1999 Japanese Godzilla flick.

This 18-Meter Tall Gundam Statue Is The First Life-size Gundam Statue Outside Of Japan

First announced last year, the life-size Freedom Gundam statue based on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is finally completed on April 26. The finishing touch was completed when the mecha’s head was mounted to the body. The statue towers at 18.03 m (59′) tall and tips the scales at 50 ton, and is the first to …

Shonen Ric Revealed New Favorite Sculptors Line Godzilla Statues

If you are a big fan of classic Godzilla, then I am sure you will appreciate these two new Gojira collectible figures from Shonen Ric’s Favorite Sculptors Line. The first is a vinyl figure based on 1954’s Godzilla movie and the second piece is a polyurethane statue based on Godzilla as it appeared in 1962’s …

Shin Cookiezilla Is A Wonderful Mashup Between Cookie Monster And Shin Godzilla

What has Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster got to do with the world’s most famous kaiju, Godzilla? Nothing. But no association does not stop Texas-based artist/sculptor Gabriel Marquez from unleashing his wildest imagination: Shin Cookiezilla.

Donald Trump Buddha Statue In China Wants To Make Your Company Great Again

Donald Trump may not be the POTUS anymore nor is he in the spotlight in recent months (at least not as much as was when he was the President), but his image is very much alive… in China… as a statue, or Buddha statue, to be precise.