though forward-looking, we do appreciate tech from the past too, especially when it is off significant historic value, such as this Rotational Hand Controller from Apollo 15’s Lunar Module Falcon of the Apollo 15. no kidding. this is the real deal component which has been in Commander Dave Scott’s procession since. just exactly why astronauts have the privilege of stashing away awesome mementos like this is beyond us. anyway, this was exact the controller use to steer the Lunar Module to and from the Moon surface on the fourth U.S. manned mission to the Moon back in August 1971. manufactured by Honeywell, it was this joystick that enables then Commander Dave Scott to maneuver the LM back on track when the craft was found to off the intended landing spot by nearly 3,000 feet and to that end, it had served its purpose well and it is now ready to find a new home when it goes under the gavel starting on May 15-22, 2014.

Apollo 15's Lunar Module Falcon Rotational Hand Controller

starting bid is $10,000, but with this historic piece being put under the spotlight, our guts say there is a good chance that this item will reach tens of thousands if not hundreds, easy. some highlights of this unit includes a pair of intact umbilicals measuring 15 inches long, Beta cloth covered plugs, original metal label with model and manufacturing information, intact communications trigger and a perfectly healthy spring-loaded hand controller that returns the joystick to neutral. the item will be complemented by a detailed two-page letter of authenticity and explanation from Dave Scott, dated March 24, 2014 and signed by the man himself.

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Apollo 15's Lunar Module Falcon Rotational Hand Controller

Apollo 15's Lunar Module Falcon Rotational Hand Controller

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