1-of-1 Lamborghini NFT And Last Lamborghini Aventador Produced To Go On The Block

Ever wanted to get into NFT but worried that it will go poof overnight? (though it probably will not). Well, here’s one NFT that, knock on wood, if it becomes nothing, you will still have a physical item in your name. Folks, this is the 1:1 NFT and the last Lamborghini Aventador Coupé ever produced, …

1981 Ferrari 512 BBB Le Mans Front Bodywork Is Up For Grab

Between becoming an actual race car driver and pretending to be one with a self-bought race car, there is a more affordable way to feel as if you are part of motorsports history. And that is to buy a piece of automemorabilia. Not just any automemorabilia, btw.

2011 And 2016 Nike MAG Back to the Future Goes Under The Hammer

If you missed the opportunity to secure the Nike MAG Back to the Future II self-lacing shoes when it was released in 2011 and in 2016, and you also did not manage to secure the pair that went under the hammer at a Heritage sale, well then, we have awesome news.

1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo (A80) Sport Roof Auction

If the fifth-generation Toyota Supra makes you want to own the fourth-generation Toyota Supra, the A80 from the 90s, even more, well then we have good news. A well-maintained 1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Sport Roof (aka Targa top) is going on the block in the upcoming Fort Lauderdale sale by RM Sotheby’s on March …

A ‘Vauxhall’ Child’s Pedal Car By Lines Brothers Circa 1930 Is Perfect For Restoration Project

In the ongoing, online-only Spring Automobilia auction organized by Bonhams, featuring properties from the Patrick Collection, there is one interesting piece of automotive memorabilia.

McLaren F1 Tool Kit Has Gold Wrenches But Not Actual Gold

Rich car enthusiasts buy a supercar like the McLaren Elva. True petrolheads buy supercars and this: McLaren F1 Tool Kit. Granted, a rich person probably won’t need to get his or her dirty but damn, this toolset is just looking fabulous – thanks to the gold color appearance lend to it by the titanium nitride …

Lamborghini Enters The Metaverse With Its First NFT Which Will Be Auctioned In February

It shouldn’t be a surprise that luxury sports car marque like Lamborghini is dipping in NFT (non-fungible token). It is not a question of will it, it is a question of when. So, yes, Lamborghini is taking its first step into the metaverse with NFT.

Here Are Some Highlights Of The Winder Automobilia Online Auction

There are countless auctions each year but The Winter Automobilia Online Auction is the one to look out for if you are a serious petrol head. There are thousands of stuff going on the block and among them includes automobile-related memorabilia, literature, and even vintage car parts like car emblems, radiator grilles, and headlights. Here …

The World’s First iPhone With USB-C Port Is On The Block On eBay With Over US$100K In Bids

Remember the DIY iPhone with USB-C, i.e. the world’s first iPhone with USB-C port, by tinkerer Kenny Pi aka Ken Pillonel? He has put his creation on the block on eBay and holy mother of… the auction has since received 150 bids from 41 bidders, pushing the price of this world’s first iPhone with a …