Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster

I guess your love for a game have to be over-the-top that you would drop thousands for the game’s co-branded electric guitar. We are talking about the Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster specially created by the guitar maker for Square Enix’s blockbuster MMORPG which, if you don’t already know, is in its 14th installment.

Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster

That’s an ancient game that I could only described as existed since the beginning of time. OK. It’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea. I have no idea FF have progressed this far. The last time I played it, it was still cutesy, pixelated characters roaming on a top down map. Yes. Am ancient too.

Anywho, what electric guitar has got to do with FF? Promotion, I guess? Anywho, Square Enix has partnered with the American instrument maker, who also happens to be celebrating its 75th anniversary, for a real-life electric guitar – which is the aforementioned Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster.

Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster

The digital version of the guitar will also appear in the game in Patch 5.55 in bard’s Performance mode, allowing “adventurers across the realm” to “jam in-game” using the digital electric axe.

Like the real deal, the digital in-game electric guitar features clean and distorted tone, as well as pick slide and mute effects. In addition, it will be available as an in-game furnishing item.

Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster

As for the actual, real-life electric guitar, it will cost equivalent of boatload of in-game items, commanding an eye-watering US$3,499.99. That’s a lot more pricier than the other Fender pop culture collaborative electric guitar, the Fender Evangelion Asuka Telecaster, btw. Like I have said, it will take some serious love for the game to be wanting to drop your life-saving for a game co-branded guitar.

Fender will be taking pre-orders for the Americas, EMEA and Australia in late 2021 with shipping expected to happen in early 2022. For the grand price, you will also get a vintage-style hard case with FFXIV logo slapped on it and an original certificate with FFXIV illustration card.

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer of FFXIV expansion:

Images: Square Enix.

via Technabob.