At Least Hawkeye Is Getting Its Own Chapter In Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

Hawkeye may not have his own standalone live-action movie or TV series like other superheroes, but at least he will see some actions in a major video game. Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, will join Marvel’s Avengers video game with his own Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect.

Panasonic Teamed Up With Square Enix For FFXIV Online Optimized Gaming Speaker

Most people who play video games would prefer headphones over speakers. However, if you prefer speakers, then be sure to check out the Panasonic SoundSlayer HTB01 Gaming Speaker.

After 28 Million Hours Of On Beta, Marvel’s Avengers Video Game Is Finally Available

The highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers video game that we talked about some weeks ago is finally available. Over six million players have spent more than 28 million hours playing the Beta in the month of August and it is now available with a couple of pleasant surprises. Here’s the game is about:

A Look Forward To The Marvel’s Avengers Video Game From Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most eagerly awaited new games of 2020. It is being developed by Crystal Dynamics together with Eidos-Montréal, and will be published by Square Enix. The trailers have been out for a while now, but when will it be released and what can we expect from it?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Sold Over 3.5 Million Copies Worldwide In Just 3 Days

The much awaited remake of the 7th installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy VII Remake was available since April 10. Official words were, combine physical and digital sales have surpassed 3.5 million copies worldwide in just three days. After seeing the gameplay, it is not hard to see why.

Play Arts Kai DC Variant Harley Quinn Figure Screams “I Am An Evil Nut Job!”

If you have been following this blog, you would have known what Square Enix Play Arts Kai is capable off. If you don’t, it is capable transforming the outlook of popular comics book superheroes and villains into something entirely different and still remain as alluring, if not more alluring. The creepy Batman was a prime …

Square Enix Takes Deadpool To The Next Level Of Sophistication

Square Enix Play Arts Kai series takes popular figures and offers its own, well, how do we say? Edgy look? Like, with a dose of Japanese anime/manga influence. Tetsuya Nomura’s take on Batman answered the question: “what if Batman is born out of Japanese anime?” The Square Enix Play Arts Kai Deadpool is the answer …

Square Enix’s Iteration of Batman is as Creepy as it is Cool

Japanese anime/manga sci-fi/fantasy stuff is a thing of the legend. Compared with western counterparts, Japanese variation tends to be sharper and plays heavily on angular features. Just look at Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Evangelion and you will know what we mean. Now, imagine what would superheroes like Batman will turn out if he was …