There are many new normal forced upon us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New norms include face mask, social distancing, washing hands more often than usual, drive-in strip club, and now, drive-in, ermm, haunted house?

Kowagarasetai Drive-In Haunted House Tokyo

That’s right. Drive-in haunted house is a thing now and it is happening in Tokyo. Japan’s first drive-in haunted house is by haunted house operator, Kowagarasetai.

It is not much different from regular haunted house. Just that now, instead of you strolling to be scared, you now sit in a car to be scared. It might worst because, you ain’t going anywhere because you are stuck inside a vehicle.

The experience lasts for around 20 minutes and yes, you will be using your own ride. Thankfully, the staff will ensure that blood and disinfect your car when you done being spooked and scared shitless.

Kowagarasetai Drive-In Haunted House Tokyo

That kind of makes sense cos’ nobody want their automobile covered in blood and palm prints (and sometimes face prints) of pretend zombies on their car on public roads. It will be hard to answer to the police who have pulled in that the blood isn’t real and you did not hit someone and ran away.

However, the experience by your car will not just a piece of your memory. A commemorative photo of your bloodied car can be taken for keepsake.

The Kowagarasetai Drive-In Haunted House experience costs 8,000 yen (about US$76) per car, with additional 1,000 yen (or around US$9.50) for “bloody option” and 1,500 yen (roughly US$14) for a photo.

Kowagarasetai Drive-In Haunted House Tokyo

Not all vehicles are accepted, though. Kowagarasetai recommends small cars. Taxis and cars not owned by guests (such as rental vehicle) are not allowed. Also, medium-sized and large vehicles, including the likes of station wagon will not be allowed.

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However, if you don’t own a car or prefer not to use your own precious ride, Kowagarasetai Drive-In Haunted House will gladly provide you with one for 9,000 yen (works to be around US$85) for up to 4 pax each car.

Images: Kowagarasetai.

Source: Japan Times.

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