6 Bucket List Ideas That You May Or May Not Want To Try

Bucket lists can be crazy. They often include items we wish we were brave enough to tackle but would never actually dare to try. However, with the right professional support, you should be able to conquer these challenges, albeit not without your heart in your mouth. After all, a bucket list is about not having …

Natural Stress Relief Methods You Can Try

Your overall health is at risk if you are under a lot of stress daily. Too much stress can have a detrimental impact on your physical and emotional health. You’re less able to reason properly, work efficiently, and enjoy yourself. It could seem as though there is nothing you can do to relax. The bills …

Not Having A Lightsaber As The Light Pen In Pictionary Air Star Wars Edition Is A Missed Opportunity

Remember the Pictionary Air first introduced in 2019? We recently come across a Star Wars edition. The Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game, as it is called, it is not just borrowing the sci-fi franchise name and slapping on R2-D2-themed on the light pen. The game has been reworked to incorporate the Star Wars elements.

4 Ideas On What To Do In Dubai Besides Visiting The Beaches

Your vacation is incomplete without a trip to Dubai, known for its large and monumental skyscrapers, fancy malls, and luxurious beaches, Dubai is the place to be if you want to kick back and relax. The malls and beaches of Dubai are one of the main reasons why people go there, but did you know …

Boatsetter: It’s Like Airbnb But For Boats

Airbnb is an alternative temporary accommodation solution that lets folks stay in other people’s homes when holidaying or on a business trip. It is a revolutionary concept that spurred a bunch of peer-to-peer rental businesses, including bicycles, home garages, automobiles, and even toilets. Clearly, there is room for more, including boats.