Isolation/quarantine is not fun, but it did however, bring out the creativity in some. Japanese YouTuber Komozawa Isolation is one shiny example. The channel has created a new live-action video game series called Video Game Moments in Real Life Shibuya Chronicles. The series is a play of Grand Theft Auto RPG with a mix of Yakuza and Metal Gear Solid (mostly, hide-in-a-carton-box).

What makes Komozawa Isolation’s video gold is how the cinematography closely resembles the video game’s and also how the characters move and reacts. You know how the video game characters and dialogues tend to be stilted? Well, that is perfectly replicated in the video. And you know the awkward turns and walking/running motion? And also the heaving of the body as the characters breath in the game? Well, those are perfectly replicated too.

Those combined to result in a super fun video. It is not exactly comedy, but it will put a smile on your face. The first episode was posted on August 4 and already, it has amassed nearly 1.3 million views. Go ahead, and have a look:

And here’s Episode 2, which was posted last week on August 12:

Images: YouTube (駒沢アイソレーション【KOMAZAWA ISOLATION】 ).

Source: SoraNews24 [1],[2].

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