Series Of Video Of Things Being “Reloaded” Like A Gun Is Strangely Satisfying To Watch

Karl aka Kommander Karl is a video game environment artist who plays video games and, ermm, reloads stuff for fun. Karl has a YouTube channel that is clearly inspired by first-person shooter video games. In his channel, Karl, well, reload things.

Is It Time To Start Paying Attention To Quantum Mechanics?

Quantum physics is a difficult topic for non-scientific people to get their heads around, as it focuses on energy and matter at a fundamental level and can’t be explained without using highly technical language. That hasn’t stopped people from being interested in it, though, and the topic can often be found in the entertainment industry. …

Cozy Up At Home This Holidays With Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop-inspired Yule Log

This virtual Yule log burning may not run for five hours but I am certain that fans of Marvel will be delighted – especially fans of Kate Bishop from the live-action series Hawkeye streaming on Disney+. Marvel Entertainment has posted a video on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook of a Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop-inspired Yule Log video.

The Next Doctor Strange Is All About Multiverse (And An Evil Dr. Strange)

Spider-Man: No Way Home formerly introduced the concept of the multiverse into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and soon, this aspect will be further expanded on with the second Doctor Strange movie, aptly called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Believe It Or Not, The Lord Of The Rings’ Gollum Is Getting His Own Solo Video Game

It has been 18 years after the last The Lord of the Rings movie but only now, one of the key characters of the entire trilogy is getting his own video game. That’s right, folks. Gollum, the former Stoor Hobbit known as Smeagol, has its own adventures in an upcoming video game called The Lord …

Model Builder: It’s Model Kit Building Without The Need To Buy Tools

If you haven’t already heard, there’s an upcoming virtual reality game that lets you build model kits in the virtual world. No tools to buy and there’s absolutely no need to deal with lung-choking painting. It sounds like fun but the problem is, not everyone is into VR or has a VR headset. Plus, VR …

Ultraman Arrives In Singapore To Take On Kaiju That Are Wrecking Havoc In Singapore

Throughout the 55 years of history of Ultraman, this giant alien superhero and his fellow monster ass-kicking brothers and sisters never had an encounter with invading kaiju outside of Japan.

Netflix Introduces Netflix Games That Includes Two Stranger Things Mobile Game

Over the last two decades, everyone is jumping to grab a piece of the streaming pie and in recent years, some of them want in in gaming too. OK. Maybe it was just Apple and Google (and maybe Samsung). Oh, wait, what? And Netflix too? So, yeah, in case you have been living under the …

Model Kit Building Goes Virtual With Modelist VR Game

The main stumbling block of picking up model kit building is, IMHO, tools, and space. The process of building is not difficult. However, before you can even start, you need at least a few basic tools and if you want the model to look even better, a dedicated space for painting is a must – …