The Munsters Is Being Turned Into A Movie By Rob Zombie

Good news for fans of 60s macabre-themed TV shows like The Addams Family and The Munsters. The latter has been turned into a movie by Rob Zombie. The movie is produced, written, and directed by the musician, songwriter, and director who is best known for his direction of the 2007 Halloween movie reboot and his …

Garden Simulator: Testing Your Gardening Skills Without Risking Your Backyard

Maybe mowing the lawn for somebody else isn’t your idea of gardening. But you are not sure if you are ready totending your own garden. Well then, perhaps the Garden Simulator may be able to help.

Heavy Truck Simulator Video Game: It’s Time For Ore Transportation!

Folks, I am beginning to suspect that every job on Earth has a video game equivalent in a genre called “simulator”. Simulator, in 2022, is not limited to flying or driving. It can be anything from road maintenance to washing to building a garbage collection empire.

Netflix Shared Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Sneak Peek

If you have watched Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, you are probably left hanging because the concluding season is split into two volumes. Not going to lie. It is a terrible feeling. In any case, if you haven’t been following, the concluding season of this epic Netflix series was split into two volumes. The first …

30+ Years On, There Is A New Willow Story That Will Be A Series On Disney+

Beyond the original Star Wars trilogy, Lucasfilm Ltd. was responsible for one of the most iconic fantasy movies to emerge in the 80s: Willow. Every kid born in the 70s and early 80s would have watched it. I am no exception. If you are like me, still holding on to that awesome memories, then will …

Rowan Atkinson Is Back In Netflix’s Man Vs Bee And Here’s The Official Trailer

At a glance, you may mistake Netflix‘s upcoming series, Man Vs Bee, to be a wildlife documentary. It is not. It is Rowan Atkinson’s comedy series created and written by Atkinson himself with William Davies (Johnny English, The Real McCoy) for Netflix.

Part Of The Opening Of Shin Ultraman Will Be Available To Watch For Free

Shin Ultraman opened on the 13 this month. Since then, it had been the no. 1 movie in Japan for two consecutive weeks and rolled in over 2 billion yen (about US$15 million) at the box office. But this latest Shin movie is not about to rest on its laurels.

Thor: Love And Thunder Official Trailer: Chris Hemsworth’s Butt Naked!

If Thor: Love and Thunder’s official teaser has gotten you all high and excited, then you’d be prepared to go ga-ga over the official trailer. Earlier this week, Marvel Studios dropped the Thor: Love and Thunder official trailer, and oh boy, are we thrilled!

Watch the First 8 Minutes Of Netflix’s Stranger Things 4

The long-overdue Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 is set to drop next week. To get keep the mood going, Netflix has shared the first 8 minutes of the new season. If I can be perfectly honest, I am not entirely thrilled. Not by the show or by the first 8 minutes.