Electrician Simulator Video Game: A Career As An Electrician Without The Shocks

They say becoming an actor will give you the opportunity to experience many careers in a lifetime. Well, that versatility is not exclusive to actors anymore. Video games, too, can let you do the same too. How? Simulation games, folks. Simulation games.

Destroyer The U-Boat Hunter Promised A Super Realistic Anti-submarine Simulation Game

The sub-hunting scenes by the Fletcher-class destroyer USS Keeling (radio call sign “Greyhound”) commanded by Ernest Krause (played by Tom Hanks) in the war film Greyhound now streaming on Apple TV+ will keep you at the edge of your seat. The Destroyer The U-Boat Hunter video game, while not related to the Sony Pictures movie, …

LEGO Bricktales Is A LEGO Video Game That Actually Requires Building Stuff

LEGO construction in LEGO video games is not new but so far, it only involves holding down a button and seeing the bricks automatically click together. But that’s not going to be the case with this upcoming LEGO video game called LEGO Bricktales from game publisher Thunderful Games and video game developer ClockStone Studio, the …

Upcoming Supersonic Fight Combat Flight Simulator Video Game Is Inspired By Amiga’s 1988 Classic

Remember the groundbreaking combat flight simulator game F/A-18 Interceptor on Amiga? A U.K.-based independent UK developer, Red Chain Games, has revealed that it is developing a combat flight simulator inspired by the classic Amiga video game from 1988.

Exploring The Surging Appeal Of Punishingly Difficult Games

For decades, the gaming industry has been about escapism and, above all else, fun. Most games are designed to be broadly appealing, with easy-to-use controls and tutorial missions long seen as essential to getting people into the titles. Now, we live amongst an abundance of accessible games because they’ve become so popular. At the same …