The U.S. government and medical experts on communicable diseases have implored residents of the U.S. to commit to social distancing to halt the spread of the coronavirus. And as social distancing is at play, businesses are paying the inevitable price and by businesses, it includes, well, lap dance club.

The largest 18+ nude club in stateside, Little Darlings, has gotten innovative to keep the business going. The establishment has announced it is now offering drive-through strip shows for those who rather not enter the building (which, btw, is what any logical person would do in this current situation).

Drive-through Strip Shows Las Vegas

CDC has recommended people to keep 6 feet away from each other and a strip club definitely do not have that kind of distance to offer. That’s not to mention, it is a bad idea to be sharing an enclosed, air-conditioned crammed space with so many people. Just saying…

Anyways, Little Darlings are offering drive-up window strip shows, so nudity-deprived person can just drive up to the front door and ogle over the dancers in the comfort and safety of their car. Ingenious. Though it is not clear how tipping going to play out with a drive-through strip show.

On a serious note, I applaud the company for doing this because, it will keep jobs around during this dire time. While U.S. may be not have drive-through coronavirus testing, at least it drive-through peep show that have men’s sexual fantasy covered. That’s not it. There’s also XXX hand sanitizer wrestling too. Yup.

Drive-through Strip Shows Las Vegas

Images: Little Darlings.

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