Samsung Prototype Dog-Bot by Gaetano de Cicco

Have you ever wonder why dog is a commonly mimicked animal when it comes to robotic animals? While there are robotic cats (including a headless one), dogs seem like a more popular choice. That’s just a thought there.

Samsung Prototype Dog-Bot by Gaetano de Cicco

Anywho… here’s another robot dog. Conceptualized by Naples, Italy-based concept designer Gaetano de Cicco, the Samsung Prototype Dog-Bot sits somewhere between Boston Dynamics’ Spot and Sony Aibo. And boy, it was quite a sight to behold. It totally have a design that screams “the future!”

Unlike Spot, Gaetano has chose to give the dog-bot a skin of sort which does made it look less robotic. Though the lack of a head does not quite mellow down that fact. In place of a head, it has a screen that, presumably, is a media for expressing its emotion and communicate with us humans. Wait. I am sure it growls, right?

Already, I am imagining Samsung Prototype Dog-Bot would come in a pack that will patrol the facility in the dystopia future. Maybe I am just overthinking here. It will probably become an organic dog replacement, possibly for those who are allergic to dog hair. That’s just my baseless speculation, btw. So don’t mind me.

And oh, here’s why I get the feeling of dystopia future:

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Samsung Prototype Dog-Bot by Gaetano de Cicco

Images: Artstation (Gaetano de Cicco).

Source: Uncrate.