Are you feeling all lonely and heart broken? Don’t tell me the reason why you felt that the world has came down on you though. Just don’t. Don’t confine in me cos’ I am no Aunt Agony. However, we are not so cruel as to leave you in lurch. Instead, we can offer you a remedy we picked up on the Internet and that is petting a feline or canine friend while it chill lazily on your laps. We heard such simple act seems to be able to ease one’s loneliness and sometimes, even broken heart. We don’t how true is it, but assuming it does have the effect, you have to know a pet is a life time of commitment and lots of loose furs. Like a ton of them. This is why there is Qoobo.

Qoobo Headless Robotic Cat by Yukai Engineering Inc.

Qoobo is the result of technology lending a hand to those in need for a pet’s unconditional love with no strings attached. Qoobo is a robotic cat of sort, minus the head and limbs. It looks like a giant pebble covered in fur and it has a tail that will response to your stroking. The furriness offers the similar level of comfort and warm you will experience with a real cat (or small size dog) while the articulated tail mimics the response you will get petting it, so you’d know your love isn’t on a one-way street. Not sure if it will purr like a cat though. It will be nice if it does that.

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According to a report, Qoobo will cost around 100 bucks when it hits the market in June 2018 and it will probably do so leveraging on crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Expect this tail-wagging, artificial creature to have an eight-hour battery life, rechargeable by USB (hopefully, the port isn’t cheekily located on the butt, just saying…) and it will be offered in two colors: husky gray and French brown. Skip head for the product video to see little Qoobo in action.

Qoobo Headless Robotic Cat by Yukai Engineering Inc.

Images: Yukai Engineering Inc.

via Boing Boing.

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