PowerUp Toys Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane

If a pilot ever gets bored with flying a plane, he or she would still be flying a plane. An RC flyer like you, on the other hand, has the luxury of switching to other weird and wonderful flying contraptions, including a dragon like the Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane.

PowerUp Toys Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane

The Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane cannot spew fire like the expensive RC model we saw many years ago but this version is simple, easy to operate and it is relatively cheap.

PowerUp Paper Dragon Kit comes with everything you need to construct a stunning, full-color dragon. The parts are made from laminated stock paper, making them both water and scratch-resistant. Simply tear out each piece, assemble your dragon, and attach the PowerUp 4.0 module.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art flight computer, autopilot assist, gyro stabilizer, and accelerometer, this dragon offers a seamless flying experience. The dual propellers provide the power and agility to navigate even challenging weather conditions.

You can fly at night too—thanks to the specially design LED lights to ensure visibility and add a magical touch to your dragon. It has landing gear for taking off and landing, so there’s no worry about throwing or crash landing.

PowerUp Toys Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane

As before, control is via an app on your smartphone. The app lets you track your dragon’s performance with real-time flight telemetry stats.

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The PowerUp 4.0 -powered RC paper dragon offers up to 10 minutes of flight time per charge.

The new Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane has a list price of US$87.97. We see that it is on discount at US$84.99. But before you jump on it, Amazon.com is having a super deal from now through to Father’s Day for US$69.99.

PowerUp Toys Dragon with PowerUp 4.0 Airplane

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Images: PowerUp Toys.