One of the most mundane tasks in life has got to be ironing. As if washing clothes aren’t bad enough, we have to put up with sucky weather that refuses to dry the clothes and after that, we have to iron them so we can look the best. That’s precisely I shy away from shirts. Any kind of shirt. However, for some, it is an inevitable chore. It is a must do. I feel sorry for them. But I am not that cruel to laugh at these folks. Instead, I want to introduce a new invention that could end this dreadful task for them. Even the drying part. Meet Effie. The robotic dryer and ironing machine. Invented by Rohan and Trevor who, you guessed it, have distaste for ironing.

Effie The Dryer And Ironing Robot

Their invention, a thin, cabinet like contraption, is designed to dry and iron up to twelve pieces of garments, including the worst crumpled shirts, blouses, chinos, and underwear. Apparently, with Effie, it can shave up to 95 percent of your ironing time. Well, about that, I guess it is subjective. Some people like me who are absolutely obsessed with every nooks and crannies a shirt have takes forever to iron a single piece. So, Effie could be saving 100 percent of my time. The operation is simple too. All you need to do is to hang the pieces on the integrated rail, press start to begin the process.

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Effie The Dryer And Ironing Robot

Effie will swallow your garments, using patented ironing method to dry and iron them to perfection and be done in mere 3 minutes. 3 freaking minutes! I can’t even finish typing one sentence and it would be done. This being 2017, Effie is, naturally, app-enabled. With the companion app, you can just walk away and do whatever you need to do that isn’t more than three minutes, and the app will notify you when it is ready. Seriously, 3 minutes. I’d sit there and fiddle with my phone. It is barely enough time to take a leak even.

Effie The Dryer And Ironing Robot

According to a report, the duo has already cobbled together a working prototype and plans have been made to introduced into everyday folks’ life in 2018. Well, maybe not everyday people because, at £699 (around US$922) a piece, it is not within the reach of everyone. Who knows? The price may spur some to work on their ironing skills? Maybe. Video after the break.

Images: Effie.

via Yanko Design.

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