Let’s face it. Facial tissue – whether it is in a box or plastic packaging – is an eyesore. This is the very reason tissue cover or tissue holder exists. Speaking of which… the Tent Acme is one such wonderful creation designed to hide that eyesore while enabling easy retrieval of tissues.

Tent Acme Origami Design Box Tissue Cover

Tent Acme is a minimalist, origami-style tissue holder that somehow has a zen vibe to it. The origami, minimal styling not only instantly elevates your interior decor but the clever design, featuring a magnetic closure, ensures easy picking of the tissue. No more snagging which causes the annoying tissue to tear.

Two editions are being offered: Washable Kraft Paper and Vegan Leather. The former may be a kind of paper, it is not fragile like papers. It is crafted from natural wooden fibers, making it fully recyclable, reusable, and decomposable. This means it is green and less harmful to the environment. The Washable Kraft Paper has been put through a process that makes it resistant to water and stain, and well, washable.

Tent Acme Origami Design Box Tissue Cover

The Vegan Leather, on the other hand, is leather without sacrificing animals and it is water and oil resistant. It promises to last for over five years without cracking and requires minimal maintenance.

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In addition to placing it on a table or counter, the Vegan Leather edition further features two-way hanging (portrait or landscape) and has a magnetic bottom that lets you adhere to a vertical ferrous metal surface such as a kitchen splashback.

The Tent Acme is compatible with various brands and is designed to accommodate a variety of sizes of tissue, including 7.48 by 3.94 inches (19 x 10 cm), 8.46 by 4.53 inches (21.5 x 11.5 cm), and 9.05 by 3.94 inches (23 x 10 cm).

Tent Acme Origami Design Box Tissue Cover

It is worth noting that in the case of box tissue, you have to remove the tissues from the original box and place them directly into Tent Acme.

You can learn more about the Tent Acme Tissue Holder on Kickstarter where it is being crowdfunded. If you are down, you may secure a unit or more by pledging for a product for US$33 or more. The campaign has since reached its funding goal and so, a pledge for a product constitutes a pre-order. Tent Acme is the product of TaG, formerly TA+d, the brand behind the ruler/pen sleeve.

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Tent Acme Origami Design Box Tissue Cover

Images: TaG.

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