How many times have you found yourself having a ruler and without a writing instrument to draw, or vice versa? Whether not if have this unfortunate experience, it does not matter. What matters is, there is a tool that will not leave you in such predicament.

TA+d One 3 Ruler with Integrated Pe

Meet the TA+d One 3, an aerospace-grade aluminum scale ruler with Pilot FriXion erasable pen neatly integrated into it. The scale ruler has a magnetic feature that allows the companion pen to align perfectly into the sleeve/ruler and stay where it should until it is ready to be used.

The triangular cross-section ruler also features rubber protected tips that allow you to carry out contactless interaction such as when punching numbers at an ATM. The rubber ends also double as handy erasers for, well, easing.

TA+d One 3 Ruler with Integrated Pe

There are editions available. One with a 2mm clutch pencil and another with the aforementioned erasable gel pen/ballpoint pen. Whichever you choose, it promised an ergonomically designed, well balanced writing instrument, suitable for writing for a long period of time.

Meanwhile, the metal ruler boasts laser engraved markings and digits to ensure longevity. And finally, it has a hole for attaching a lanyard, strap or keychain to it (all via a special carabiner, but only available in the EDC version).

TA+d One 3 Ruler with Integrated Pe

It is a beautiful product, but not without its caveat. It does not have both scales on one ruler. You will have to chose between metric and imperial system which is kind of bummer for a person who uses both scales.

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You may learn more about the TA+d One 3 over at its Kickstarter page where you can also secure one for 614 HKD (or US$80).

TA+d One 3 Ruler with Integrated Pe
TA+d One 3 Ruler with Integrated Pe

All images courtesy of TA+d.

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