Andromeda Tactical Lighting

Andromeda Tactical Lighting
Andromeda Tactical Lighting | from US$279.00 |

to have a military-inspired home decor is nothing short of cool to most dudes but to associate ‘tactical’ with anything placed in your home is something we are not accustomed to and really doesn’t quite make any sense, unless you are expecting a raid on your home base. regardless, that doesn’t make the Andromeda Tactical Lighting any less desirable. billed as the world’s first military-inspired tri-rail lamp, the Andromeda utilizes standard picatinny rails that allows its legs and lamp shades to be locked in a myriad of height or position. honestly, that part of the product is not what draws us. in fact, it is a bonus which is overshadowed by its freaking badass look – a quality which makes it uber cool. the another thing that makes up that awesomeness is the discreetly located on/off switch that blends perfectly with the entire system that is constructed from black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and composite grade nylon. it comes packaged with a nostalgic filament bulb but the fact that it uses standard lighting socket means you can fit it with virtually any other bulb type that uses the same E-27 socket. finally, a woven cord completes the whole military tactical look. the Andromeda Tactical Lighting has an eventual retail price of $560 but you can get yours for a special Kickstarter price of $279 each. check out an intro video after the break.

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