Deus x Makr Tool Roll

Deus x Makr Tool Roll
Deus x Makr Tool Roll | US$149.95 |

you ride your bike in style but what happens if it break downs in middle of nowhere? as any style-aficionado would have done, you probably want a tool bag to hold your tools necessary to make your ride on-road again. the limited edition Deus x Makr Tool Roll is just what you need to upkeep your stylish image when you are mucking around your bike and scoring yourself some grease and oil all over your face. as the product name implies, it is the result of an awesome collaboration between Sydney-based custom bike company, Deus Ex Machina and Florida-based leather goods specialist Makr Carry Goods. it is crafted by Makr using #10 cotton duck Martexin waxed canvas, along with touches of premium Horween leather. it has pockets for 8 spanners, 7 sockets, plus a couple of utility pouches for your other stashes. it is said that this tool roll is ‘Kyoto Tool Company’s MOTO Club Series Riders Maintenance Kit-ready’, which is not included in the $149.95 price tag. only 50 pieces will be made available which makes it even all so desirable. click thru for a few more larger views.

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