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Honda’s Iconic Cub EZ 90 Got Upsized In This Modern Homage Example

What you see here is scooter that is not quite a scooter. Underneath the custom body that (almost) completely concealed the innards is Honda’s quirky X-ADV, an “adventure scooter” (but not really quite). Yep. It is in fact a XXL size of the cult-classic from the 1990s, the Honda Cub EZ 90. From Italy custom bike maestro, Deus Milano, with some help from another Milan great, Kaos Design, this upsized “Cub EZ 90” is the homage to the original and yes, it is actually the X-ADV. The result is stunning and with a glance, you are transported back in time… to 1991. Continue reading Honda’s Iconic Cub EZ 90 Got Upsized In This Modern Homage Example

Deus x Makr Tool Roll

Deus x Makr Tool Roll
Deus x Makr Tool Roll | US$149.95 | us.deuscustoms.com

you ride your bike in style but what happens if it break downs in middle of nowhere? as any style-aficionado would have done, you probably want a tool bag to hold your tools necessary to make your ride on-road again. the limited edition Deus x Makr Tool Roll is just what you need to upkeep your stylish image when you are mucking around your bike and scoring yourself some grease and oil all over your face. as the product name implies, it is the result of an awesome collaboration between Sydney-based custom bike company, Deus Ex Machina and Florida-based leather goods specialist Makr Carry Goods. Continue reading Deus x Makr Tool Roll

The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus

The Frenchman's Guericiotti by Deus
(photos: Deus Customs) The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus | US$tba | au.deuscustoms.com

it’s easy to make your pedal-powered ride stands out but having it stands out and yet not look silly is not easy. unless you have a ride like the The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus. lovingly put together by DeusCYCLEWORKS, this sweet two-wheel ride features a beautifully re-chromed Guericiotti frame and fork, accented with painted lugs, hand polished B43 wheels with Campagnolo pista hubs wrapped in Continental Gatorskin tires, MKS pedals with toe clips, nitto pearl stem with Soma arc bars wrapped in Dipell bar tape, record head set and pista cranks from Campagnolo with custom chain ring from Cycle Underground, and the Izumi chain finished the pedal-and-chain system. Continue reading The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus

Deus Ex Machina’s Odd Job SR542, 542-cc and carb pumped

Deus Customs SR542 544x408px
Deus Odd Job SR542 Motorcycle | US$tba | www.deus.com.au

there’s nothing like a good’o big number bike, especially one that reminiscent of the classic two wheelers of the yesteryear. Australia’s very own maestro of custom bikes, Deus Ex Machina has unveiled its latest custom masterpiece – the Odd Job SR542. seriously, there is nothing odd about the Keihin FCR 39 carburetor that pumps in air/fuel mixture to its 542-cc air cooled engine. let me assure you that there’s nothing odd about this gorgeous, classic-looker that’s almost completely blacked out except for a few dashes chrome and red when necessary. i am also sure that such work of art doesn’t come from any odd job labors either. Continue reading Deus Ex Machina’s Odd Job SR542, 542-cc and carb pumped