MINI isn’t the car anyone would associate with a camping adventure, but that doesn’t discourage the German-own British automaker to propose you do so with their MINIs. these getaway concepts are not new. we have seen one such example, the MINI Clubvan Concept, last year but since there ain’t no new cars to show off, why not reiterate that your tiny MINI could do more in the adventure department? three concepts are being put forward: the MINI Clubvan Camper, the MINI Cowley, and the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp. in fact, we have seen the latter before too, but the latest iteration comes with a more generous room. the Clubvan Camper is billed as the world’s smallest luxury camper van (and we have no reason to doubt it) and is packed with practical amenities for an ideal weekend getaway. the MINI Cowley is a compact caravan designed for two and is pretty well-equipped with stuff like a twin-ring gas stove, fridge, as well as a sink – all you need is to stock the fridge with what you need.

last but not the least is the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp. it is the Countryman you love equipped with a roof-top tent for folks who desire a getaway in the while. if you are planning to spend the night in the wild, the ALL4 Camp is probably a good idea. you know. it is best to be sleeping on high-ground, away from those creepy crawlies and potential night scavengers like the hyenas. think you get the idea. camper or not, the MINI is by physique, a small car and so, it is kind of a stretch to actually market it as a getaway car, but if you really must, these three concepts should be suffice. now comes the not-so-good news. these three are created as concept vehicles to showcase the depth of the MINI range aka what a tiny MINI can do and hence, there are no plans to offer them as actual production vehicles – at least not for now. still, we would like to invite you to ogle over some awesome lifestyle images in the gallery after the break.

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