breaking an arm or a leg in a game of sports is a norm. we are not saying that it should happen, but if it happens, it happens. it is not going to take away your life or anything like that. you recover and you pick up the game again. but we can’t say the same for head injuries, which could often lead to permanent damage, long term inconveniences and even death. scary eh? so when it comes to contact sports, an innovative solution like the Reebok CHECKLIGHT could be a savior. it is a head gear that you can be worn under the football helmet (or without if you are in the game of basketball) and the built in sensors continuously measure the impacts to the wearer’s head, providing coaches, trainers, parents and athletes critical information on the damage. if the integrated light is green means everything is a ok, while yellow indicates moderate impact and when the light lit up red, you know it is time to hit the bench. but do not confused with the dark amber blinking light which happens to be telling you that this little guy is low on juice.

check out a little clip below to see the Reebok CHECKLIGHT in action. the Reebok CHECKLIGHT is available for your taking now for $149.98. we know it ain’t cheap, but you can’t really put a price to potential concussion, can you? safety is the utmost importance if you expect a career longevity.

Reebok via HiConsumption

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