Tips On How To Stay Safe While In The Workplace

The workplace is somewhere people spend the majority of their waking hours, and it can be an exciting, creative, and rewarding environment for many. On the downside, it can also be fraught with risks to your safety and well-being. Every year, thousands of people are injured on the job and many others die from work-related …

Here Are Some Useful Cycling Safety Tips

If you’re new to cycling and are taking it up as a hobby or to shake up your commute, taking your bike to the roads can be a little daunting. Whether you’ll be navigating the roads in a town or city or the winding ones in the countryside, it’s important never to forget that you’re sharing them with …

Latest In-car Innovations Post The Rise Of Covid-19

The year 2020 has been a year like no other, with a pandemic that changed the world, forcing the supply chains to collapse across businesses. Like almost every other industry that faced the consequences of the previous year, the automobile sector has been no exception. Sales chart, production, and revenues going down had been a …

New, Patented Smart Fall Detection Is Able To Distinguish If A Fall Is Serious

FallCall Detect is a smart fall detection app designed to run on Apple Watch that could potentially save an elderly’s life. For those who are not aware, a fall can be deadly to an old person. Even more deadly if the victim happens to be alone.

These Pair Of Jeans Is Lined With Airbags To Protect Motorcyclists’ Lower Body In A Fall

You have heard of the airbag vests for motorcyclists. Now meet the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans by Airbag Inside Sweden AB. Just like the inflatable vests that has been around for decades, the Motorcycle Airbag Jeans leverage on airbags to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

How Technology Can Prevent Common Car Accidents

Over time, cars are getting more and more upgraded to ensure the safety of their passengers. The latest in car accident prevention technology keeps both drivers and pedestrians safe by controlling the braking, steering, and driving of the vehicle. This article will cover different protection systems in more detail.

ViraShield Will Protect You From COVID-19 By Encapsulating Your Entire Upper Body

I am sure you have read about the COVID-19 scare onboard a United flight last December. Looks like a mask is not going help if someone is going to lie about his or her condition when flying. So, if you really have to fly, perhaps you should consider gearing up with the ViraShield.

HEPA Filters-equipped Blanc Mask Offers Full Face Protection From Airborne Nasties

This is Blanc. It is not Daft Punk’s helmet, though we have to admit that it does have the vibe. It lacks of fancy LED light show anyways. While it does look like a helmet from the front, it is really just a mask. Blanc is billed as the only full-face modular mask in the …