6 Tips On How To Stay Safe In Dangerous Places

There are many people who travel to dangerous places on a regular basis. For example, there are a lot of tourists that visit war-torn countries, or even ones in the midst of political upheaval. And while these places can be beautiful and offer an amazing experience-they also pose certain risks to the unprepared. Let’s explore …

Razer Zephyr Wearable Air Purifier Goes Pro, Now With Voice Amplification

Welcome to the dystopian future where we have to mask up. OK. It is not that dark but somehow, the Razer Zephyr Pro makes it feel like so. Anyways, Razer is not calling it a smart mask as it did when the Zephyr was still known as Project Hazel.

AusAir AirWeave Merino Mask: Third Time’s The Charm!

We have been using the newly designed face mask, AusAir AirWeave Merino Mask, for a full week now. The AusAir AirWeave Merino Mask is a completely redesigned face mask of the brand’s previous model which, though improved, still has its kinks. The AusAir AirWeave Merino Mask, however, may have hit the sweet spot.

This Device Will Prevent Drowning If The User Is Unconscious In Water

Imagine this. You were out taking on the mega waves and got knocked out of your surfboard. Your head hits the board and you get knocked out cold, leaving your face in the water and drowning every second. The Wuanap you see here is designed to save you from that.

Tips On How To Stay Safe While In The Workplace

The workplace is somewhere people spend the majority of their waking hours, and it can be an exciting, creative, and rewarding environment for many. On the downside, it can also be fraught with risks to your safety and well-being. Every year, thousands of people are injured on the job and many others die from work-related …

Here Are Some Useful Cycling Safety Tips

If you’re new to cycling and are taking it up as a hobby or to shake up your commute, taking your bike to the roads can be a little daunting. Whether you’ll be navigating the roads in a town or city or the winding ones in the countryside, it’s important never to forget that you’re sharing them with …

Latest In-car Innovations Post The Rise Of Covid-19

The year 2020 has been a year like no other, with a pandemic that changed the world, forcing the supply chains to collapse across businesses. Like almost every other industry that faced the consequences of the previous year, the automobile sector has been no exception. Sales chart, production, and revenues going down had been a …

New, Patented Smart Fall Detection Is Able To Distinguish If A Fall Is Serious

FallCall Detect is a smart fall detection app designed to run on Apple Watch that could potentially save an elderly’s life. For those who are not aware, a fall can be deadly to an old person. Even more deadly if the victim happens to be alone.