Guns should keep you safe and not threaten you, and as such you want to be sure that your personal sidearms are safely stowed away when they are not with you. The Pineworld K5 sees to that.

Pineworld K5 Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols

Now, there is no lacking of gun safes, but Pineworld K5 here stood as one that is built like a tank, capable of preventing 9 mm projectiles fired from Glock 19 from penetrating it.

It can also stand up to abuse like a hammer and being rolled over by a 2.5-ton vehicle at 25 miles an hour. The K5 is also resistant to prying – if anyone’s stupid enough to even try it.

Pineworld K5 Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols

Built tough is one aspect of the safety it has to offer. The other safety aspect is its biometrics unlocking technology that unlocks in a blink of an eye or 0.5 seconds.

In addition to fingerprint unlocking, it can also be unlocked using a backup key, keypad, and an app. The latter enables you to unlock the safe remotely, view the access history, and the app will remind you when the battery is low, or if someone has entered the password wrong 5 times in a row.

Pineworld K5 Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols

When the security lock is activated, alerts will be triggered if some try to access it with the backup key, input the password wrong for 5 times, or try to forcefully open it.

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The safe is powered by 4 AA cells good for 18 months. In the event of the battery is out, there is a USB-C charging port to supply it with temporary power for opening the safe.

Pineworld K5 Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols

Basically, the Pineworld K5 Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols is a well-thought-out safe. If you are sold by the idea, you may pick it up from for US$189.99.

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