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Hidden Safe Behind Fake Wall Outlet: Not For When You Are Not Sober

This is such a genius idea that it will be a crime not to share it here. OK. Whether or not it is genius is debatable, but anyways… what you see here is a safe hidden away behind a fake wall outlet. Unlike the numerous wall outlet safes in the market, this one requires two keys to open. Well, I guess you could call this unnamed wall outlet safe a two-key authentication safe. It requires sticking a “key” into an electrical socket to remove the face plate of the wall outlet and another key to remove a box that would allow the side panel to come off for accessing the hidden storage area. Continue reading Hidden Safe Behind Fake Wall Outlet: Not For When You Are Not Sober

QuickSafes Air Vent Hidden Safe Lets You Safely Hide Things in Plain Sight

There are two ways which you can keep your valuables safe. The obvious way is to get a traditional safe, which is also known as an open invitation to burglars to pick it, or you can get a safe that doesn’t even look like a safe, such as this Hidden Compartment Air Vent RFID Locked Safe (officially, QuickVent) from QuickSafes, and not be seen to begin with. As the product name implies, it is a safe disguised as a typical air vent for stashing anything from jewelry to your vintage G.I. Joe action figures to small firearm and ammunitions. Though it is worthy to note that is not an actual gun safe (at least not in the eyes of DOJ of California) and personally, I wouldn’t trust one to keep something that dangerous despite the fact that no one will ever know. But I rather not risk it and also, I’d remind myself to draw the curtain if I ever need to access it cos’ it will defeat the whole idea of concealed safe if some prying eyes know that it is actually a safe. Continue reading QuickSafes Air Vent Hidden Safe Lets You Safely Hide Things in Plain Sight

Doettling PopArt Colosimo Safe

Doettling PopArt Colosimo Safe
Doettling PopArt Colosimo Safe | US$na | www.doettling.com

a safe is probably the last thing that you want to stand out in your house but not for this particular, one-off PopArt Colosimo Safe from Doettling which just wanted to be seen and admired. inspired by Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, both the exterior and the interior of the Colosimo is adorned by cartoon-style artwork hand-painted by London-based artists YearZero. from the front, it looks like just another safe that reminiscent of a classic bank vault but for this special edition, it presents itself in a cash box-style design where you can send your bills into the cash box for safekeeping via a slot located on top of the safe. Continue reading Doettling PopArt Colosimo Safe

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe [video]

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe
(photos: Mighty Ape) Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe | US$54.99 | www.mightyape.co.nz

honestly, we are not familiar with Doctor Who but that doesn’t stop us from featuring this tiny safe that is fashioned after the Doctor Who Time Machine Police Box as seen on the British television series. obviously, we are not a fan of this particular Doc, however we are totally taken in by its functioning. the key to opening this little locked storage box is your smartphone but first you will have to download and install a free app onto your smartphone. from there, all you have to do is to launch the app, dock your smartphone to the TARDIS Smart Safe, and enter your pass code and the door opens up, accompanied by the sound of the TARDIS time machine revving up. we love the idea but we just wish it could a bigger safe and a little less Continue reading Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe