Hidden Safe Behind Fake Wall Outlet: Not For When You Are Not Sober

This is such a genius idea that it will be a crime not to share it here. OK. Whether or not it is genius is debatable, but anyways… what you see here is a safe hidden away behind a fake wall outlet. Unlike the numerous wall outlet safes in the market, this one requires two […]

QuickSafes Air Vent Hidden Safe Lets You Safely Hide Things in Plain Sight

There are two ways which you can keep your valuables safe. The obvious way is to get a traditional safe, which is also known as an open invitation to burglars to pick it, or you can get a safe that doesn’t even look like a safe, such as this Hidden Compartment Air Vent RFID Locked […]

Doettling PopArt Colosimo Safe

a safe is probably the last thing that you want to stand out in your house but not for this particular, one-off PopArt Colosimo Safe from Doettling which just wanted to be seen and admired. inspired by Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, both the exterior and the interior of the Colosimo is adorned by cartoon-style artwork hand-painted by…