Hidden Safe Behind Wall Outlet

This is such a genius idea that it will be a crime not to share it here. OK. Whether or not it is genius is debatable, but anyways… what you see here is a safe hidden away behind a fake wall outlet. Unlike the numerous wall outlet safes in the market, this one requires two keys to open. Well, I guess you could call this unnamed wall outlet safe a two-key authentication safe. It requires sticking a “key” into an electrical socket to remove the face plate of the wall outlet and another key to remove a box that would allow the side panel to come off for accessing the hidden storage area.

OK. Maybe it is not quite the brightest idea unless you are the only person to access it. Because, giving instruction for someone to access it may result in someone dying of electric shock. You know how verbal instructions are. People usually don’t get it right the first time. Unfortunately, not getting right the first time for this very well hidden safe can be deadly. Also, no one should not try to get something out from this safe if he/she is NOT sober, or are high on weeds. That’s common sense which I believe requires no further explanation.

We don’t know if this thing is for sale. We can find it anywhere. Our searches ended with the regular wall outlet safes. The video of this product was originally found posted on Instagram by Instagram user engineeringismagic and subsequently found its way onto gfycat. Like I have said, it is both a brilliant and not so brilliant idea (it’s debatable). The latter is as explained above while the former is kind of self-explanatory. Like who would have thought there would be a secret storage behind (and to the side) of the wall socket?

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Even if burglars who may have some idea that there might be a outlet safe, no one will in their right mind to start poking wall outlets. Oh, wait. Perhaps, they knew to trip the main supply? Or maybe just sledgehammer the wall next to every wall outlets? OK. You never hear from me about those.

Image: Instagram (engineeringismagic).

Source: Geekologie.