According to PetaPixel, a Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert was approached by Czech Republic automaker, Volkswagen Group-owned Škoda to do some car photoshoot with an unusual request to use 1:43 scale model cars for the shoot in place of real cars. Well, that’s kind of odd for a car maker to make such a request, isn’t it? Anywho, having been creating realistic dioramas, featuring mainly LEGO minifigures and sets, Lampert accepted the gig.

Car Ads Taken With Toy Cars

What’s admirable is, Lampert chose to go the ‘old school’ route spending countless hours painstakingly recreating the scaled scenes using real elements, including dirt, smoke, tires skid marks and whatnot. He strive to minimize Photoshopping so the resulting photos will look as authentic as they could possibly be. Even the motion blur and tires in motion were not created post-production. Lampert even went as far as modifying the model car to make the front wheel steerable as real cars would. Such was how dedicated this photographer is his craft.

Car Ads Taken With Toy Cars

As you can see, the results are pretty convincing, if not for the lack of definition to the doors and other gaps on the cars. What Lampert have done was inspiring, but it also triggered us think: are all the cars in ads are faked? It is no secret that CGI were often used and while we are aware of the fact, it makes us double take on what is to be believed when it comes to advertisement or any photo for that matter. I guess it is the same kind of feeling as looking at photos of a potential date. You never knew how far were the photos beautified.

Car Ads Taken With Toy Cars
Lampert modifying the diecast car to make the wheels turnable.

As if the sophistication of make up weren’t bad enough to deceive gentlemen… Seriously, at this day and age, looking at photos of a person is no longer WYSIWYG, unfortunately. Even figure can be spoof. I guess deceptive world what are living moving forward. If you are up for it, you can admire Lampert’s other work of art over on 500px as well as his Facebook page.

Images: Facebook (Figs Fan Photos)/YouTube (AquilaPhotoBlog).

Source: PetaPixel.

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