Škoda Asked Photographer To Shoot Car Ads Using Toy Cars

According to PetaPixel, a Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert was approached by Czech Republic automaker, Volkswagen Group-owned Škoda to do some car photoshoot with an unusual request to use 1:43 scale model cars for the shoot in place of real cars. Well, that’s kind of odd for a car maker to make such a request, isn’t […]

Lying On The Floor Surrounded By Luxury Goods Is The Latest Way To Flaunt Your Wealth

Flaunting your wealth challenge has been a staple in China’s social media (read: Weibo). The latest flaunt your wealth challenge, however, is somewhat tastefully done. Well, at least, most of them are anyways. Btw, it does not involved crudely taken photos of fu er dai with stacks of yuan, nor does it involve burning real […]

Lioness Steals Photographer’s DSLR, Lets Cubs Played With It

Here are a series of images of a lioness making off with a wildlife photographer’s DSLR. It was a rare sight and something (probably) not to be repeated again. The camera setup comprises of the said Canon 7D, paired to a Canon 100-400mm telephoto lens, and costs Barbara Jensen Vorster over $2,000, and the lioness […]

Super Fun Forced Perspective Photos With Toy Superheroes

Forced perspective photography aren’t new. Most people employed this technique to pretend they own exotic, super expensive rides like a Lamborghini, but this one guy from Malaysia, toy collector and photography enthusiast Wire Hon, use this technique to capture fun photos of himself and his family commanding toy superheroes around. The results are family photos […]

Learning-based Artificial Intelligence Makes Stunning Low-light Imaging

At this year’s IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), a group of researchers from UIUC and Intel Labs showed off how learning-based artificial intelligence can help imaging in low light. It is almost surreal to see how an otherwise darkened photo can be made bright as day. It was that crazy. Here, […]

Wildlife Photographer Captured An Eagle Tussle With A Fox Over A Rabbit

Just the other day, someone managed to capture the nature’s food chain in action and today, we read that another photographer has captured evidence of a battle raging between predators in the wild. Captured by wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi when photographing the non-native foxes in San Juan Island National Historical Park on San Juan Island […]

What Happens When You Photograph F1 With A Game Boy Camera

8-bit graphics is a far cry from today’s HD and UHD resolution, but it has its allure. For a Shanghai-base “slightly bearded Aussie,” this allure turns into curiosity; curiosity of how a Formula 1 race would look like if they are in 8-bit. To answer this question, Tim Binnion, AKA the slightly bearded Australian, armed […]

According To Stock Photos, Scientists Are All About Staring

Unless you are a blogger, journalist or an educator, chances are you never knew how bad some stock photos can be. To be fair some of stock photos that does not involved humans are pretty awesome. Personally, I have no issues with stock photos, whether the subjects are humans or not, but I can’t the […]

Nature’s Food Chain Caught In Action In This Epic Photograph

In what-could-be-a once-in-a-lifetime shot, Florida-based fine-art nature photographer known by the name Doc Jon captured a still image showing a food chain unfolding before him. The photograph in question managed to immortalize an osprey that had a small shark secured firmly to its talons. All seems fairly normal, but that was until Jon zoomed in […]

Trees Growing On Abandoned Ship Is A Reminder Of Nature’s Resilience

Now, we don’t where or when this photograph originated and who have taken it, but you know it is a good image when you see one. But being breathtaking is one thing; it also serves as a reminder of how resilience nature is. Apparently, this has happened in the waters of Australia. A boat was, […]