Not all automotive photographers are into realism when they have to make do with “the props” they have at home. On the opposite end of Kunal Kelkar’s fake speeding Lamborghini photos is Dominic Fraser.

Audi Quattro Rally Car Photos Recreated in LEGO

A long-time fan of Audi Quattro rally car, Fraser has recreated iconic photographs of the Audi Quattro at the comfort of his home, using LEGO elements.

He could have done it with a die-cast model, but because LEGO has the ability to recreate the entire scene, roads, buildings, people and all, it makes for a far more enticing proposition.

Audi Quattro Rally Car Photos Recreated in LEGO

Picking out a few old Audi Quattro action images, Fraser set out recreating those scenes with LEGO. The results were absolutely amazing.

Sometime Fraser do print out background of the original photo “to add some depth,” but major parts were all LEGO. And oh, there were also flour and other kitchen ingredients involved for creating the snow, mud and dust effects.

See the entire series on Fraser’s Instagram page.

Audi Quattro Rally Car Photos Recreated in LEGO

Images: Instagram (_fraser73).

Source: evo.

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