How to appreciate art when you are stuck at home during quarantine? There are many ways, but nothing will maintain your sanity with a little fun. And fun is by responding to the call by Tussen Kunst & Quarantine (Between Art & Quarantine) to recreate your favorite artwork using 3 items in your home.

Already, people are all too inclined to challenges and given that most people are forced to stay at home at this point, the results is a bunch of rather creative and hilarious “life art” creations.

Getty Museum was inspired by Between Art & Quarantine and it, too, has challenged its followers on Instagram to imitate classic pieces with everyday items around their home. Needless to say, the results are the same: creative and often, hilarious.

You can check out some this recreation of famous and not so famous artworks by checking out #tussenkunstenquarantine on Instagram.

Featured image: Instagram (@isabeauvaneembergen via @ tussenkunstenquarantine).

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Source: Colossal.

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