If you think we are being sarcastic with the post title, well, rest assure we are not. Hot on the heels of its uniform unveiling, the POTUS officially unveiled the newly formed U.S. Armed Forces service branch, U.S. Space Force.

If you think the logo looks kind of familiar that’s probably because it kind of resembles Star Trek Starfleet emblem. Notwithstanding the resemblance, it is definitely not a Starfleet knockoff.

The U.S.S.F. logo was inspired by the Air Force Space Command logo. The delta logo with the star(s) and orbiting trail has been in used by U.S.A.F. since 1940s. Star Trek, however, only came to be in the 60s, and so it really isn’t a knockoff.

Here’s the Air Force Space Command logo:

U.S. Space Command logo
Credit: U.S. Space Command.

On the contrary, the designer(s) of the Starfleet emblem may have took inspiration from the U.S.A.F logo. In any case, whoever designed the Starfleet logo did a pretty good job because, the logo for the fictional organization definitely looks more cool than the U.S.S.F.’s logo. Just saying…

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In case you need a reference, here’s the Starfleet logo:

Starfleet Command emblem
Credit: Wikipedia.

Featured image: Twitter (@SpaceForceDoD).

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