United States Space Force (U.S.S.F.). The space operations service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces that probably not armed to deal with giant roaches. It is no fiction. It is reality. It is a reality since December 2019.

This reality presented its very own uniform last week and it is, ermm, camouflage. Wait, what? Do we need camouflage in the void of SPACE? Of course not, but that’s the uniform alright.

In tweet posted by U.S.S.F., the service branch showed off a current camo uniform as used in the Army/Air Force, but with U.S. Space Force nametape on, along with the U.S.S.F. arm patch. Now, here’s where hilarity ensues.

When we talked about ‘space force’, naturally, many will think of soldiers in space (think Starship Troopers), but the truth is, Space Operators, as U.S.S.F. calls the staffers, are on the ground and hence, the camo uniform.

Also, as explained by U.S.S.F., by using the current uniform design, they’d be saving design and production cost. Makes sense. No doubt about it.

However sense it may make, it didn’t stop the Internet from jumping on it and the Internet, as we all learned, can be a toxic as it is hilarious.

Despite of the clarification made by the branch, many questioned the validity of camouflage in space and some of them were just absolutely hilarious! A few of them, like Redditor u/Annoyed_Scientist, even suggested a fix.

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Image: Twitter (@SpaceForceDoD).

Source: Gigazine [JP]/Neatorama.

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