This is Caat. A fun accessory for Google Home Mini that turns an otherwise cold gadget into an adorable pet friend. Specifically, a kitty cat. Like, do we need to say more? Well, I guess as much. It is just too adorable.

Caat is conceived by Brooklyn-based Odd-on Industries and it is made of flexible, high-grade silicone that protects your precious Google Home Mini and makes it look a lot less ‘cold’.

Caat Google Home Mini Cover

It also makes the speaker face wherever you want it to, instead of upwards. Your ceiling don’t need to hear Google Home Mini. You do.

With the case on, the speaker is unobstructed and so are the touch-enable sensors. Plus, the design also thoughtfully direct the device’s cable through the back of the cat’s tail. Nice touch there.

We only wish the tail was longer, so it could hide more of the ugly cable.

Caat Google Home Mini Cover is something money can buy in exchange for $25 of your hard-earned money. Get it on

Images: Odd-on Industries.

Source: Yanko Design.


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