If you think the walking shark in B-grade movie Super Shark is ridiculous. Think again. Walking sharks are real and recently, scientists have discovered four new species of shark that walks.

The keywords here are “four new species,” which means walking sharks exist. Before you hit the panic button, these so-called walking sharks do not have limbs like the creature in Peter Benchley’s Creature and neither do they walk with fins on land like Super Shark. Oh, wait. They do walk with their fins.

As a consolation, they only do so in water, along the seabed. The new species was discovered in waters off northern Australia and New Guinea by scientists who were working on a 12-year global conversation study.

While the meter long (3.3 feet) species is recognized as apex predator in the shallow reef waters, scientists assure that “walking sharks present no threat to people.” Ya, right. For now, maybe. Who knows? You never know what evolution can do.

Like, what if they ran out of food in future and evolved to hunt on land, you know, like Super Shark? But that’s a worry for people of the far future.

Keep going to watch the new found species of shark strolling on the reef, possibly shopping for food. Or if you are interested to learn more about this fascinating marine creature, you can read more on University of Queensland website and on Marine & Freshwater Research website.

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Images: YouTube (UQ Faculty of Medicine).

Animated GIF and source: New Atlas.

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