New Google Pixel Buds and Nest Products

In the press event earlier today, search engine giant Google also revealed several new products which include the new Google Pixel Buds, Nest Mini and Nest WiFi. The latter two are kind of where Google is heading with its line of Google Home products.

In short, Google Home products is moving under the Nest umbrella. In this case, the Nest Mini and Nest WiFi is the new incarnation of the Google Home Mini and Google WiFi moving forward.

Google Pixel Buds 2019

Anywho, lets get on with the new Google Pixel Buds first. It promised reduce your hands on time with a physical phone through longer wireless range. Google says it can go as far as three rooms indoor or when outdoor, the length of a football field.

It will do it while high-quality sound and it now has battery that last up to 5 hours in between charges, or 24 hours when use with the on-the-go charging case. 5 hours is not exactly stellar in anyway, but Google wants to remind us that it does so while NOT looking awkward.

Other highlights include Adaptive Sound that dynamically adjusts the volume as you move from environment to environment and voice accelerometer that detects speech through vibrations of your jawbone so that the two microphones can work to focus sound of your voice instead of say, sound of the wind or other chatters.

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The new Google Pixel Buds will arrive spring 2020 for $179.

As for the Nest Mini is now touts 2x the bass and “an upgraded Assistant”. Plus it can now be wall mounted. But really, those are about it. Most of the upgrades are software-based.

The Nest WiFi, on the hand, is a little different. Beside looking way sleeker than its predecessor, it is now also a speaker too, or at the least it is for the point part.

Nest WiFi consists of two separate devices: the router that plugs to your modem and the point that gives you expanded coverage and now has Google Assistant built in as well. Nest WiFi is “up to two times” the speed and up to 25 percent better coverage” over Google WiFi.

Google Nest WiFi 2019

Google said a 2-pack system is enough to cover a 3,800 square-foot home.

The Nest Mini sells for $49 when it hit the shelves on October 22. You can also pre-order it today if you so desire. The Nest WiFi will be available on November 4 in eight global markets.

U.S. residents can pre-order today. A two-pack, btw, costs $269 while a three-pack with a router plus two points goes for $349.

Images: Google.