If you have already heard, a fully load out brand new Apple Mac Pro costs over $50,000. You heard it that right. A freaking personal computer costs five-figure! Such is the time we are living in and btw, that 50K price tag also includes the cheese grater PC case with wheels that cost a cool $400.

Apple Mac Pro Full Load Out Price Screenshot
That’s the price we arrived to with a fully load out Apple Mac Pro.

Yeah. The post title isn’t click bait. Mac Pro’s wheels really cost more than some aftermarket wheels for motor vehicles. Now, that’s really holy guacamole. If they work as intended, which they do, it is all good (if you uber rich), but as it turns out, there’s actually a slight caveat.

You see, the wheels are non-locking, as established by popular tech reviewer/Youtube personality MKBHD. Geez. How low can Apple go? Even some castor wheels that cost a couple of dollars have locking mechanism.

Apple Mac Pro Stainless Steel Frame with Wheels
The wheel is sleek, no doubt, but $400? And no locking mechanism? Really Apple?

I guess it is fine if you are using the Mac Pro on a perfectly leveled surface. Even then, any accidental push could send it on a journey to, god forbids, a descending staircase, which clearly is NOT the best idea for any PC, let alone one that cost 50,000 dollars. You know what? I think this Mac Pro with wheels is in dire need for a wheel choke or stopper of some kind. Oh wait….

Images: Apple.

Source: MacRumors.

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