Pictar (formerly Miggo), the company behind several successful Kickstarter campaigns including Pictar Pro that turns your smartphone to a DSLR, is back with a new selfie stick called Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick.

Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick

As the product name implies, it is a selfie stick with light. The light is detachable and boasts several features including built-in diffuser lens, semi-circular magnetic connector that allows for easy attachment and angle adjustment, power on/off button, 3 levels of light intensity, and finally, a micro USB port for charging.

As for the selfie stick itself, it comes with a 6-button control panel ergonomically located just above the handle. The 6-button control panel provides you with full control over your selfie moments (via Pictar app), allowing you to do things like zoom, tweak the image brightness, select photo modes, shutter release and even adjust the phone angle – all with the use of just one hand.

The latter is made possible by a motorized phone angle control baked into the selfie stick. Not going to lie. I never thought any manufacturer would devote so much attention into developing a selfie stick, but here it is.

However, it is not quite a reality, yet. It is currently being funded on Kickstarter where you will determine if it will the fund to realize the product. If you are down, you can secure a unit for $75 or more, and all goes as planned, i.e. it gets funded, you could be receiving the product starting September 2020.

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All images courtesy of Pictar.

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