taking panorama stills and videos are like a dream for all imaging enthusiasts. it was a dream because true panorama is never available without breaking an arm or a leg, and obviously, those you taken with your smartphone hardly qualifies as a “true panorama” (just look at those awful stitching!). lucky for you, there’s the Bublcam 360-degree Camera, a baseball-size spherical imaging device that takes 14MP stills, as well as videos at 1080p at 15 fps and 720p at 30 fps, and at a price point no more than an average point and shoot camera. a unique patent-pending tetrahedral design allows the four 190-degree lens to overlap, thereby eliminating any possibility of blind spots which in turn, result in breathtaking, seamless spherical images and videos.

also packed within this 300 grams device is a tri-axial accelerometer for image stabilization, built-in WiFi for live streaming to your computer, mobile devices and even the web (LIVE stitching to be available soon), microSD card for content storage (supports up to 32GB), USB 2.0 for direct recording, built-in Omni PUI microphone, and a 1,000 mAh lithium polymer battery. with the Bublcam 360-degree Camera, it could really open new perspectives in application like action sports, baby monitoring, video chatting, security and more. and with it, you could say the days where you are dying to see what’s beyond the edge of the photo or video is finally over. you can get the Bublcam 360-degree Camera now from Kickstarter for $499 and up, and expect to see this awesome gadget at your doorstep in May 2014. check out a nice pitch video below to learn more.

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