Here Are The New GoPro HERO11 Black Cameras With Three Flavors To Choose From

Another year and GoPro is giving you another opportunity to give your action camera an upgrade. The maestro of action cameras has recently revealed the follow-up to its HERO10, the HERO11 with not one, not two but three flavors. There is the HERO11 Black, HERO 11 Black Creator Edition, and the HERO Black Mini.

DJI Second FPV Drone, DJI Avata, Is Palm-size Drone That Is Safer To Fly

DJI has just revealed its second FPV, the DJI Avata. The DJI Avata is smaller and much safer to fly than its first FPV. The new aircraft measures 180 x 180 x 80 mm and is 120 mm diagonally, while the first-gen FPV is comparatively massive at 255 x 312 x 127 mm and 245 …

Insta360 Link AI-powered 4K Webcam: It’s 360 And It’s Good For Livestreaming Too

The pandemic has, in a way, boosted webcam innovations. Webcam has emerged to become an essential tool during these trying times. We have seen quite a handful of cool examples over the last few years but believe me when I tell you that the Insta360 Link AI-powered 4K Webcam is unlike any webcam you have …

Jabra PanaCast50 4K Video Conference Webcam Is A Super Advanced Webcam

Never mind the pandemic cos’ life still has to go on and that includes going back to the office which so many people dredge so much. This also means video conference in the office is going to be a norm again and for that, Jabra wants a piece of the action with Jabra PanaCast 50 …

Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 Webcam Has A Lens Cap To Keep Out Snoopers

I know what we say about how I am a sucker for style. Clearly, the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 2K QHD Webcam is not stylish. It cannot stack up to Lumina, or the Opal C1 in the style department, nor does it stand out like the anthropomorphic webcam. But it has one thing those …

Nikon Z 30 Is A Mirrorless Camera Designed For Content Creators, Vloggers, And Streamers

Let’s be honest. Almost any imaging device is good enough for content creation and vlogging. But that does not stop camera makers like Sony and now Nikon from selling creators and vloggers a camera designed specifically for video content creation, vlogging, and streaming. Nikon’s pitch for content creators is the Nikon Z 30.

Duovox Mate Pro Is A Night Vision Camera That Records In Colors And In 2K Resolution

If you specialize in night photography or videography, then you really have to check out the Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera. Make no mistake. This isn’t your daddy’s IR camera. The Duovox Mate Pro is not only an IR camera that records in colors but it captures images in glorious eye-watering 2K resolution.