Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam Is Bluetooth-enabled, Has Alexa Built-in

Europe’s biggie in dash cam, Nextbase, has just launched a new series of dash cameras that bring to the table Bluetooth technology, as well as built-in Alexa. Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cameras comprises of five new products, plus an entirely new modular rear-view camera system, powered by Ambarella. The line up includes five dash cams […]

This Selfie Drone Is Smaller Than An iPhone X And Costs Just $79

AirSelfie, the folks who put a selfie drone on the back of your smartphone, is backed with yet another pocket-friendly selfie drone called AIR PIX. This time, it is even smaller than a typical smartphone, measuring just 102 x 85 x 13 mm (4 x 3.3 x 0.5 inches) and weighs in at mere 52g […]

Lanmodo Night Vision System Turns Poor Visibility Into Good Visibility

The kids in horror-thriller flick I Know What You Did Last Summer wouldn’t have knocked into someone if they could actually see in the dark while driving down that creepy road. I know for sure the movie wouldn’t have a story if they had the Lanmodo Vast Pro, a night vision system for automobiles. Lanmodo […]

DJI Osmo Action Is An Action Camera Good For Action Selfie Too

Remember how GoPro tried to dabble in the drone market and failed miserably? Well, DJI is also departing from its usual domain. DJI is turning out action camera too. Lets see how it goes for the drone maker. But somehow I have a feeling that it won’t go south like GoPro did with the Karma. […]

Wearable Penis Camera Records Your Sex Act In Your Dong’s PoV

We wrote far too many weird news/products that sometimes, we think to ourselves that we are better off turning this tech culture and lifestyle stuff blog into a bizarre news central. Then again, this one of the today’s few bizarre news/products, is a gadget. Make sure you are seated for this, alright? So, here goes. […]

Meet Vezo 360, The World’s 4K 360-Degree Dash Cam With AI Sleep Alerts

We don’t do a lot of dash cam here because, a dash cam is a dash cam. It is basically a video camera that sits in your vehicle and that’s that. However, every once in a while a different kind of dash cam popped up in the market that demands our attention and the Vezo […]

Meet OBSBOT Tail, Your Personal Cameraman And Director

Forget about recruiting a cameraman for whatever professional videos you are going to make because, here’s the world’s AI-powered autonomous director camera is here. Despite the fact that it does not have legs, it can do pretty much everything a cameraman can do. Called OBSBOT Tail Autonomous Director Camera, this iF and reddot design award […]

Sony RX0 II Announced, Now Boasts An Integrated Tiltable LCD Monitor

Remember the action camera, the RX0, that Sony insists on referring to as the Ultra-Compact Camera from two years ago? Well, it has a follow up now called Sony RX0 II Ultra-Compact Camera. Still an action camera, Sony. We insist. But it is one hell of a powerful one because, after all, it is based […]

Xiaomi Takes On DJI With A Pair Of New Imaging Drones

Xiaomi is no stranger to imaging drones, or should I say, no stranger to imaging drones with a striking resemblance to the world’s biggest consumer drone maker, DJI, with the specs too boot and at a manageable price point The China’s “provision of gadgets” latest imaging drones are no different. The duo, namely FIMI A3 […]

Sentera 2019 PHX Fixed-wing Drone Offers You Bird’s Eye-view Of Weed Locations, Plant Health And More

Need a commercial-grade imaging drone that lets you have a bird’s eye-view of your massive yard, capturing data like weed locations, plant health et cetera? Well then, the Sentera 2019 PHX Fixed-wing Drone might just be the right candidate for the job – thanks to the new Sentera Double 4K sensor. Sentera has announced the […]