we often spoke about going minimal for our wallets, but we forgot that we still have keys to deal with (unless you have smart entry like the Lockitron installed in your house), which obviously, a minimal wallet ain’t going to do it, less you have only one key. the Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch is the for the time where you want to go minimal, but still have the keys with you. it is a beautifully handcrafted from premium vegetable tanned Italian leather like Hard Graft always do and features a keyring for your keys and a tactile Japanese cotton cord that you pull to get the keys safely tuck inside the pouch, thereby preventing them (the keys) for ruining your sleek smartphone or your beautiful leather minimal wallet when they are stashed together.

sure. you could make do with a lone ring (or even a rubberband) and be done with it, but the Hard Graft Draw Key Pouch is for the style connoisseurs who believe even keys shouldn’t be lugged around without style. we are believers too, btw, if not for the slightly dearer than usual keychain pricing of £39 or about US$62. available now in two classy hues: smoke and heritage.

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