disappointed that there isn’t a ‘gold’ variant of the iPad Air? well, don’t be. if you having pots of gold laying around, you might want to give the 24 CT Gold iPad Air by Goldgenie a shot and one thing you can be sure is, this opulent item don’t just look gold, it is in fact coated in real-deal 24ct. gold, or if you are feeling little more extravagant, there are the pricer Platinum and Rose Gold models to go for too. i bet our forefathers never thought Platinum would be more exquisite than the good’ol gold, eh? anyway, that’s besides the point. the point is, you could have the ultimate in opulence with this Goldgenie-spruced iPad Air, though it is worthy to note that the lavish treatment is restricted to the back; the front bezel is still in black for the space gray and white for the silver variety. which is not a bad thing after all, cos’ we thought the gold goes pretty well with the white bezel.

the price for the 24k Gold iPad Air starts at £1,155 (about US$1,860) for the 16GB model and goes all the way up to £1,520 (about US$2,450) for the Platinum 128GB model. btw, those prices are for the Cellular+WiFi models and each model will come in a luxury black piano finish box for an extra touch of luxury, along with the usual Apple iPad Air contents.

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24 CT Gold iPad Air by Gold Genie - Front

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