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Apple Updates iMac, MacBook and Introduced New 10.5-inch iPad Pro

The new iMac Pro’s starting sticker $4,999 is obviously not for everyone, but not too worry cos’ Apple has updated its iMac line, outfitting them with faster Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz and supports up to twice the memory. To further sweeten the deal, all 27-inch, along with the range-topping 21.5-inch, will get Fusion Drive as standard. Furthermore, SSD now touts 50 percent faster and they will now get Thunderbolt 3. Graphics department also gets a boost – thanks to the new Radeon Pro 500-series graphics with up to 8GB VRAM and display is now brighter, by 43 percent at 500 nits and supporting up to a billion colors. Continue reading Apple Updates iMac, MacBook and Introduced New 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Apple 9.7-inch iPad Updated With Retina Display And iPhone 7 Gets Red Edition

Well, if you haven’t heard. Apple has updated the 9.7-inch iPad with bright 9.7-inch Retina display and also, finally, (PRODUCT)RED comes to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The announcement, which was made yesterday, also sees a slight dip in the 9.7-inch iPad pricing. The Retina display-equipped, A9-powered tablet will be available to order this Friday (March 24) online with a starting price of $329. It is not exactly cheap by tablet standard, but it is, after all, an Apple and so, it will always command a premium over other makes. Continue reading Apple 9.7-inch iPad Updated With Retina Display And iPhone 7 Gets Red Edition

Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro: Same Specs, If Not Better, In A Smaller Package

Good news, Apple fans. If you think the iPad Pro introduced last September is a little too clunky for your liking, here’s a smaller model, dubbed 9.7-inch iPad Pro, for your consideration. Seriously, what was Apple thinking when it launched the laptop size tablet? Average consumers don’t need such an ‘unportable’ size and so, my bet is, the 9.7-inch variety will be more well received. You can expect features a spanking new pro Retina display which Apple claimed to have “greater brightness, wider color gamut and lower reflectivity.” Continue reading Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro: Same Specs, If Not Better, In A Smaller Package

New Stuff from Apple: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple TV, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and Apple Watch Hermès

Apple, the once most valuable tech company, has announced a barrage of gadgets during its September event earlier today. The anticipation was for the next-generation iPhone 6 and also the rumored iPad Pro. Well, those two were announced, all right, along with some accessories for the two, an all-new Apple TV, new Apple watch finishes and bands, as well as a Apple Watch Hermès Collection for those who demands designer style for a smartwatch. Watch OS2 was announced too, but I am guessing most would be more elated by the hardware news. Continue reading New Stuff from Apple: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple TV, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and Apple Watch Hermès

24 CT Gold iPad Air by Goldgenie

disappointed that there isn’t a ‘gold’ variant of the iPad Air? well, don’t be. if you having pots of gold laying around, you might want to give the 24 CT Gold iPad Air by Goldgenie a shot and one thing you can be sure is, this opulent item don’t just look gold, it is in fact coated in real-deal 24ct. gold, or if you are feeling little more extravagant, there are the pricer Platinum and Rose Gold models to go for too. i bet our forefathers never thought Platinum would be more exquisite than the good’ol gold, eh? anyway, that’s besides the point. the point is, you could have the ultimate in opulence with this Goldgenie-spruced iPad Air, though it is worthy to note that the lavish treatment is restricted to the back; the front bezel is still in black for the space gray and white for the silver variety. which is not a bad thing after all, cos’ we thought the gold goes pretty well with the white bezel. Continue reading 24 CT Gold iPad Air by Goldgenie

Top 3 Luxury Gadgets This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner now and, for most men, this is a time to get their hands on some pretty awesome gadgets and bits of technology and, as luck would have it, this year will see some mightily impressive bits of kit available for us to ask for under the Christmas tree come December 25th. Here are three of the best and most likely to be sought after gadgets in the build up to Christmas: Continue reading Top 3 Luxury Gadgets This Christmas

Apple iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display

remember how an Air was predicted for the name of the next gen iPad last year? well, it didn’t quite came true… until now. meet the new iPad Air, the next generation 10-inch class tablet that the Cupertino folks proudly proclaim as “dramatically thinner, lighter and more powerful iPad” featuring a 9.7-inch Retina display, packed into a package that with a mere 0.29″ (7.5mm) thickness and weighs in at just one pound (469 grams), shaving a good .08″ (1.9mm) and .46 pound (193 grams) off the thickness and weight, respectively from the 4th gen iteration. along with a thinner and lighter form factor, it has a slightly narrower bezel and most important, it now runs on the Apple-designed A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, featuring M7 motion coprocessor as found on the iPhone 5s. Continue reading Apple iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini | from US$329 | www.apple.com

with a tag line “we’ve got a little more to show you”, you probably already guessed something small in a big scale is going to happen. well, here is it and it is rumor no more: the iPad’s smaller sibling the iPad Mini is finally a reality. sporting a beautiful aluminum and glass design (with the same diamond cut edge as iPhone 5 – oops), the Mini is a mere 7.2mm thin and tips the scale at just 308 grams (0.68 pound). highlights include a 7.9″ LED-backlit multitouch display with IPS technology with 1,024 x 768 resolution (same as iPad 2), a dual-core A5 chip Continue reading Apple iPad Mini

The Original V_Neck Sleeve

The Original V_Neck Sleeve
(photos: Computer Apparel) The Original V_Neck Sleeve | from US$39.99 | www.computer-apparel.com

when it comes to gadget protections, we are real fussy about it. cos’ we don’t want to look too plain or bear the iPad-next-door image. that said, a gadget sleeve (or case, if you prefer) like the The Original V_Neck Sleeve featured here would be one of our sleeve of choice. created by a very aptly named firm Computer Apparel, this novel approach in sleeve design leaves us lusting for one and would certainly stir speculations as to why would anyone tote a folded tee around. perfect deception or attraction. you be the judge. designed to look like a regular folded V-neck t-shirt and made of 100% cotton, this lovely sleeve features a well padded zipper compartment for your iPad or laptops (up to 17-inch) and a bonus second pocket for other miscellaneous items (i.e. notepad, sketchpad and the likes) – both which are located at the back of the ‘t-shirt’. Continue reading The Original V_Neck Sleeve

Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case

Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case
(photos: Vindicated Vinyl) Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case | US$90.00 | www.etsy.com

vinyl records are almost obsolete today, though there are still staunch fans who swear by them. if you happen to be in the aforementioned category, then you would probably dig the Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case. handcrafted from an actual story record album, this lovely case (or you could call it a sleeve) features the image of our childhood fantasy (we blame it on Lynda Carter), Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America that dates back to the 1970s. completing the case is the real patent leather in an electric blue hue, double lined with yellow fleece that offers ample protection for your iPad and a snap closure, also in blue leather with nickel hardware, keeps your iPad from falling out. Continue reading Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case