Lets face it. Apple iPad mini is the one Apple product that is not getting the love from Apple it deserves. As far as design goes, it has remain pretty much the same since the first generation.

Sadly, if the leaks are to be believed, it is not going to change anytime soon. No squared off design language as seen in the new iPad Air, iPhone 12 and the newest iteration of iPad Pro.

According to the purported “leaked” 3D Printed Model of Apple iPad mini 6 as revealed by reputable leaker David (@xleaks7) and tech blog Pigtou, the next iPad mini will have rounded off edges as it had since like, forever.

It also appears to be sporting a lone rear facing camera and it would have the usual Touch ID. Speaking of Touch ID…. it is the part of so-called leaks that had us scratching our heads.

If the line running around the perimeter of the supposed 3D printed model of the device is the bezel, then the Touch ID would appear to be in the screen itself.

Is Apple finally implementing under display fingerprint sensor? Likely not, IMHO. Why would Apple put new tech in a non flagship product? Although it will be cool if it does.

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Or god forbids, is Apple going to blow our mind with a cut out in the screen for the Touch ID. Well, given Apple’s history of making rather silly design calls, I won’t be surprise if it did.

As you may have noticed the images, the device does not appear to have a forehead or chin. The supposed “bezel” is uniform across all sides. According to Pigtou, “some have said” Apple may preview the new iPads at this year’s virtual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Image: @xleaks7/Pigtou [IT].

Hat tip: Pigtou [IT]

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