Renders Of iPhone XI Confirms Triple Camera, “Glass Camera Bump”

New iPhone or not, it does not excite me anymore. If there’s no breakthrough in technology and/or design, it is no different from the horde of Android devices out there. Don’t tell me how gorgeous the phone is or the exquisite materials because, at the end of the day, 9 out of 10 people would […]

Here’s The Render Of The New 2018 iPad Pro Based On Leaked Specs

By now, you would have already picked up quite a few bits about the new Apple iPad Pro that is said to be coming later this year. There is a high chance it will be announced in next week’s Apple event, but you don’t wait till September 12 to see what it will look like […]

These Hands-on Videos Show You What 2018 iPhones Will Look Like

Just last week, we got a glimpse of what the new iPhones will look like by the way of the screen cover and today, there’s a couple of videos of someone having a hands-on with dummies of two of the purported new iPhones, the new iPhone X and the 6.1” variety that is said to […]

Here Are A Few Looks Of The 2018 iPhone X And iPhone SE 2

As the date draws closer to the announcement of the new Apple iPhones, the rumors and leaks begin to pile up. What you see here is one of those rumors. You may have already heard that Apple may be releasing not one, not two, but three iPhone models and among them, it is said that […]

This Is How A Curved iPhone Will Look Like, But It Probably Won’t Happen

I do not keep abreast with so-called Apple rumors. However, today I picked up something that pique my interest and so I thought we’d share it with you here. We read that there is a chance that future iPhone models will have “hover” gestures and curved displays. Curved like, you know, the iconic Nokia 8110, […]

Working Apple iPhone 8 Video And Shocking Price List Leaked!

September 12 is the date to look out for if you are a fan of iPhone because that is the date earmarked for the big reveal of the next iPhones, including the much anticipated and rumored anniversary edition, the iPhone 8. We are not sure how these sources managed to get hold on these leaks, […]

Apparently, These Are New “Confirmed” Updates And Images Of iPhone 8

So, when it comes to “leaked” info of Apple’s new smartphone, I guess that company that does the bling to iPhone, Brikk, should know the best. So far, Brikk has not been proven wrong. Following the company’s teasing of the new range of luxe, yet-to-be-announced iPhone 8, Brikk has pushed out an email saying it […]

Brikk Touts Luxe iPhone 8 Devices Even Before Official Announcement

The fate of the so-called iPhone 8 remains unclear. So far, what I have read is contradicting to say the least. One source cited possible delay due to material shortage and another said on contrary to rumor, it will be on time. Hell, no one can even confirm if it will be called iPhone 8 […]

More Images Of The Supposed iPhone 7 Surfaced, This Time In Glorious Gold

Following Unbox Therapy’s video on the supposed mockup model of the upcoming iPhone 7, new high-resolution images of the upcoming Apple smartphone has surfaced. At this point, we are inclined to think that Cook’s era of Apple cares nothing about leaks. Either that or the whole leak thing was intentional to generate the buzz Apple […]

Mock Up Of iPhone 7 Surfaced Dressed In Blue, Sports Curious Contacts

It’s August now, which means we are a month closer to the next iPhone unveiling. Unlike Steve Jobs’ time, Apple devices have been getting a lot of “leaks” in recent years. Not sure if this was intentional to keep the hype alive or not, but one thing for sure, rumors are in abundance. Rumors, if […]