It has been just over a week since iPhone 11 was released into the market, but already, we are hearing about 2020’s iPhone 12. Posted by popular Apple leaker Ben Geskin on Twitter (@BenGeskin) two days ago, the lone image is purportedly a render of a 2020 iPhone prototype.

Notch-haters (myself, included) will be glad that the days of notch is finally coming to an end on iPhone. From the supposed render, it shows a notch-less design, but sadly, it is NOT a true edge-to-edge display.

If this turned out to be true, it looks like Apple is sticking to having bezel and it may have a good reason for doing so. Symmetrical in design is what makes a product beautiful, or at least, not a sore eye like, you know, the notch or a hole in the display.

iPhone 12 Prototype Render Leaked

Being symmetrical appears to be what this supposed render of the prototype is about. It sports a consistent size bezel all round. Interestingly, despite the bezel being this narrow, the top bezel is home to a bunch of sensors (camera system, included).

According to Geskin, it will be a 6.7-inch display with the top bezel housing a front camera (FaceTime camera), an infrared camera, a dot projector, speaker and microphone, and a couple of sensors.

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Not going to lie, I don’t care if it is true, but boy, I am digging this notch-less look, bezel or not. I mean, lets take a moment to appreciate the symmetric design. Ain’t it a beauty? Especially when you compare to the current notched iPhone? Mind you, I ain’t no iSheep. I am just appreciative of sleek, beautiful designs and this is a thing of beauty.

Of course, there are skeptics. They totally have the right to be skeptical, but hey, I am no engineer or an Apple insider to say if Apple does have the technology to pack so many sensors into such a narrow bezel. For all you know, Apple already has the means to do so, it is just waiting for the new three-year cycle to end to implement it.

Personally, I think it is highly plausible that this may be it. While it may be way too early to say, new models are not designed only after the current one has been launched. They are always in the work. This ain’t no LEGO. Things don’t just appeared out of thing air.

Images and source: Twitter (@BenGeskin).

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