Looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way to get around town and NOT annoying to pedestrians on the sidewalks? Well then, Taiwanese electric scooter maker, Gogoro, may have something for you. The company has just introduced a smaller, lightweight smartscooter called VIVA that is designed exactly with the aforementioned in mind.

Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter

Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter (think electric Vespa) may only deliver 85 kilometers (around 53 miles) per charge, but the battery is swappable and so, you never have to wait for it to be recharged to continue your journey. Just pop in a fresh battery and you are good to go.

Further boosting its green credential is, VIVA has a body that is made of recyclable plastics. Thanks in part to the single battery system and the recyclable plastics, VIVA tips the scales at an incredibly lightweight 80 kilograms (or 176 lbs).

Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter

I think the real star of this two-wheeled EV is the Gogoro iQ System that offers smartphone connectivity and an AI of sort that continuously evolve with the rider so VIVA can only keep getting better.

VIVA also uses Gogoro iQ Smart Keycard with NFC to provide quick, intuitive unlocking and starting the vehicle. And then there are facial recognition, fingerprint sensors, as well as pass code security on your smartphone to prevent VIVA from being stolen.

Other key notables include over 21 liters (5.5 gallons) of storage, customizable with over a hundred accessories, scratch-resistance body made from solid-core polypropylene, and synchronized braking system.

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Gogoro will be rolling out the Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter in Taiwan, starting October for $1,800. Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter will also be available in select countries in 2020.

Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter

All images courtesy of Gogoro.

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