Shannon Class All-Weather Lifeboat

What is a lifeboat if it can’t save itself, right? I mean, a lifeboat is still a boat and therefore it is not necessary safe from the risks facing every other boats. The Shannon class lifeboat, however, built by life-saving charity Royal National Lifeboat Institution, is an advanced lifeboat that is absolutely safe, so it could carry out its life-saving duties efficiently and with utmost safety.

First and foremost, it cannot capsize, like ever because, it is self-righting. In the event it gets pushed over by the unforgiving waves, it can right itself. Shannon is designed to take on the roughest sea imaginable and doing so without hurting its occupants. As the rough gets going, the Formula 1-inspired suspension-equipped, shock-absorbing seats will make rough rides a lot less rougher for its occupants. Puke bags not included, though.

Special hull design also helps to soften the impacts and stabilize things when the sea decides to get rough with her. If those aren’t impressive enough; then I am its propulsion is. Shannon is not propeller-driven like conventional lifeboats; it is powered by waterjets and it is pretty damn fast too, capable of hitting a top speed of 25 knots (29 mph).

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Thanks to the waterjets, se can be launched from the beach and even beach herself when the situation calls for it. Basically, Shannon Class All-Weather Lifeboat is a dream vessel for James Bond and we suspect, it is a dream watercraft of Batman too. Shannon Class All-Weather Lifeboat is probably the best thing to happen to lifeboat since the insane 200 feet drop oil rig lifeboat. Skip ahead for an introduction video to see it in action.

Photo: Dave James/RNLI.

Source: Jalopnik.