Honda x Komatsu Electric Micro Excavators

Honda is not new to making power equipment such as lawnmowers, but excavators? That has to be something new. And no, while super cute, the micro excavator you see here is NOT a kiddie ride (though it may very well be one).

Honda x Komatsu Electric Micro Excavators

As hinted in the images, this micro excavator is not a Honda product per se. It is a product of Japanese construction equipment maker, Komatsu.

Honda has revealed that it has signed a basic agreement to begin joint development to electrify Komatsu micro excavators using Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP).

The collab is not just about electrification of small construction equipment; the goal of MPP is to “establish a battery-sharing system for civil engineering and construction industry which will enable mutual use of MPPs among various types of machinery.

Honda x Komatsu Electric Micro Excavators

By employing swappable battery of MPP, user will be able to continue using the equipment without wait time for recharging.

In this collaboration, the two companies will electrify the Komatsu PC01 micro excavator, outfitting it with Honda MPP and an electrified power unit (eGX), which Komatsu aims to introduce into the market in March 31, 2022.

Since PC01 is likely use close to people, livestock, and in areas like landscaping, both indoor and outdoor, an electric powered system is a perfect solution moving forward.

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Man, I just can’t get over how adorable the Komatsu PC01 looks. Make me want to hop on one and dig away.

Images: Honda [JP].